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  1. biglinz1

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    I just started in june of this year and right now I only have about 10 accounts but i want to have between 35-50 next year but 3 i have right now are huge I have a 48 turf tracer with a sulky and at full speed it is taking too long and I was wanting to buy a 60 inch ztr this winter and i was wondering how cheap they get in november and dec. nothing new unless it is a steal maybe 2001-2004?
  2. kentuckylawns

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    If you have 50 yards you can justify buying a used ztr and keep your walk behind also, but if you dont get as many as you hope i wouldnt buy a ztr for under thirty 30 yards (Just My 2 sense). To answer your question you can expect to purchase a used ztr 60 inch with 1000-2000 hrs on it for around 4900-6300 $$ just be sure to check it out as best as you can, and make sure you have a good reliable dealer nearby to service it!! If you dont your gonna be SOL.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    50 properly priced lot should pay for a bigger mower
  4. sicnj

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    0% financing for 36 months you can not go wrong buy new.
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    I would check your local dealers and see if they have anything used in stock! You might not find much now but in the spring when guys trade up, there should be a few machines to pick from! JMO

    Also, I aggree and would not buy a ztr unless you have at least 25-30 larger yards (3/4 acre and larger) and even then, your 48" can still get it done.

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