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    To fill everyone in, I left my corporate job at Kraft to start my own business. Currently I have a 2000 ext. cab powerstroke, 16' flatbed (ramps), loader backhoe (mini called dig-it), cub RZT 50" from H.D. with Kaw. engine. A cub self propelled from local dealer with casters. I am trying to decide between a dump insert (I cant use my toolbox), a dump trailer, and a seperate dump truck and it has to be ext. cab (kids). I am also looking for an enclosed trailer but am unsure if I want a rolling shop with all my tools to drag around all day or just a 12 footer for my mowers. I have a limited budget and I do more landscaping than mowing but I feel I need to offer the service for those that ask. I have about 5k to work with. Anyone with any ideas?

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