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    Let's talk mowers.
    I am going to start my business, but I don't have a lot of cash to start with. Is it worth it to look into used mowers? What's the cheapest commercial mower that still leaves the lawn beautiful? I have heard a lot of good stuff about Honda engines. And what about other equipment? What do I need to get started? Thanks,
  2. jbannick18

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    What you need

    Walk-Behind if your getting a cut under 52" imo

    Personally I would not buy a used mower, or a belt drive. I had a used belt drive and ended up selling it 3 months later because of problems. I went with the 36inch toro but it ran me about 4900. A mower you could look into would be the better outdoor products quick 36. I've heard good things about them even though i would not personally buy them.

    Other than that, for all other equipment you could buy either
    shindaiwa, stihl, kawasawki, echo.

    I went with kawasawki because they are light and have great power but its all up to your own preference.
  3. kreft

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    depends what type of work

    residential or commercial
  4. Idealtim

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    Seeing that you are in utah, I think you should find some type of snow removal equipment. Even if its a solid old snowblower for the first year.
  5. vermonta

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    Unless you can find a super deal on a used in immaculate condition, I would go with new and my personal is Exmark but talk with people that run them and if you can look at what the cut looks like after they are done. I have run Husky, Shindiawa, and Echo for trimmers and small equipment and have gone back pretty much to all Echo except I have two Stihl Br600 blowers. Again talk with people that have them and heft one and see how it feels to "YOU"

    On the Honda engine. There are good and not so good. They make a cheaper engine as well, and in my opinion if you maintain well they will all take care of you pretty good. I have run Kohlers for years and only in the last three have had all kinds of problems with them and I run full synthetic in everything I own. Still lost a cam in one with about a thousand hours on it.

    All the best in your endeavors !
  6. CEN61

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    Make mine a Kawasaki. Fuel consumption is not bad. If you maintain them half way desent they last. The new Big Block Briggs are good on fuel aswell and have great power.

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