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  1. lawncut

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    hey fella's,
    I have been reading through forums all day but can't seem to find info on what equipment i will need to start out mowing lawns. I know i need a mower but what brand would you recommend? also what other equipment will i need?
  2. newz7151

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    with the direction of the economy, triple think your decision to get into a "luxury service" business and if you still decide to risk it, start with whatever is the cheapest stuff you can find, so that if things get even worse, you're not out more than what you can afford to pay off by working at a minimum wage job.
  3. djchiodo3

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    What experience do you have working in the lawn maintenance field? What's your budget? Are you going to finance or lease the mower? Do you have a cash flow now. Recommend you start out small. When possible buy used equipment and replace with bigger and better as your business grows. Buy mid size truck ,trailer and walk behind. Visit all the local lawn shops, look around, and talk to the sales people.
    While your driving around town, look at other lawn companies and see what they are using. Ask other lawn companies if they have small jobs that they don't want or will sub out to you.
  4. freshprince94

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    You'll need a commercial mower, a line trimmer, a stick edger, and a backpack blower. Handheld blowers are OK but I would rather start out with a backpack. You will also need a truck and trailer. Start out with commercial equipment and at least a 5x8 trailer, don't make the mistakes I did with starting out with a resi mower and 4x8 trailer.

    As far as brands go, I use and love Stihl handheld products. I have 3 pieces of Stihl equipment and they are the bomb. I used to use Echo products, and I hated them.

    For mowers, start out with a used 36 inch walkbehind. Get a cheap pushmower for the tight gates. eXmark, Toro, Scag, and Gravely are all good brands for walkbehinds.

    Here is my recomendations to you:

    MOWER-eXmark Metro, Viking, or TTHP 36 inch walkbehind (check for used)
    TRIMMER-Stihl FS 90 R
    EDGER-Stihl FC 90

    Hope this helps
  5. lawncut

    lawncut LawnSite Member
    from ny
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    I am looking to start out part time for now. I just want to buy the bear minimun in equipment but professional quality. I know not to just jump into this, that is why I only want to cut lawns. thanks for the help.
  6. lawncut

    lawncut LawnSite Member
    from ny
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    I am going to look for this equipment you recommend. I have a little knowledge on exmark, echo, and red max(I heard they have really great backpack blowers). not too much on stihl equipment. thanks for the great information.
  7. scagdude

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    i recommend a 36" scag walk behind stihl fs80r trimmer stihl fc75 edger either red max 7001 or stihl br420 backpack blower and a honda push mower with a 5x8 trailer.
  8. Icepuck72

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    Like a previous poster stated, start out small, used equipment and build up your clients. When I started I had all used crappy equipment, but worked and built to what I have now.

    If you decide to buy some new stuff, buy commercial and don't buy from the box stores. Listen to the guys on here with experience.
  9. bigjvillelawn

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    They way I started off was with some quality residential equipment like a riding lawn mower and push mower for ditches. And a decent trimmer and blower. All of these tools can be bought dirt cheap used. Be sure you have the quantity of yards you need to turn a profit before trying to buy expensive equipment. As far as the commercial equipment goes, don't buy your major stuff used. For me buying a zero turn mower can be a big expense with no warranty. Example, you get a zero turn and the wheel motors are shot- $3-400 bucks. Get my drift. Now belt driven walk behinds are a different story. They are cheap used and extremely valuable for small yards and are cheap and easy to maintain compared to anything that has hydraulics. I went Scag and Echo and have not had any problems that were not immediately taken care of by warranty. Get a good dealer and try to buy most of your equipment and supplies from them. Believe me they will cut prices and work on your stuff faster after you buy a $6000 plus mower from them.:laugh: And last but not least don't baby your equipment but don't abuse it either. I go through all of my equipment once a week with a checklist I made from my manuals. Sounds stupid but after being in the Marines it works. Just my 2 cents
  10. stevenf

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    I also recommend you get a commercial WB to start with. I spent $500.00 on my residential ZTR and cant wait to get rid of it!

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