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    I ampreparing to decide on a zero-turn for next years work. I currently have a 36"gravely walk behind.I was considering going with a Gravely ZTR, however I haveseen many Bobcats in use the last 3-4 weeks. Toros popularity seems to follow behnid them. Can anyone give me some advice orexperiencethey may have hazdwith any ofthis equipment to help me in my decision.

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    Make sure your anti-scalping wheels are placed properly on the deck or that the mower that you are looking at even has them. Make sure it has plent of power and replacement parts are readily available. Also, how expensive are replacement parts. Don't substitute with will-fitter parts, always use the best for liability purposes. How much width is enough, don't be to large so that you are unable to pass between items you have been mowing around prior with your existing unit. Make sure you can fit under obsticals also.
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    SidelinePropMgr, i just went and looked at a gravely 260z. It's really an impressive machine, get to a dealer and check one out. THey've got a hydraulic lift deck which no one else offers, you can get a pleathora of attachments for it too.
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    get an eXmark, then everyone will be wanting what YOU have
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    I have owned a Gravely 260Z with a 61 inch deck for four+ seasons now.
    I am very happy with it.
    I have a regular full time job and I currently mow 12 lawns, so I have not exactly put it through its paces like someone who mows full time would. Right now, it has about 480 hours on it.
    At first, I was a bit hesitant on the idea of a hydraulic lift deck. The gravely also has a swivel front end much like a tractor. My theory is, the more moving parts you have, the more things have a tendency to break. This is not the case with the Gravely.
    I am knocking on wood right now! I also like the way it cuts and stripes lawns and so do my customers! I guess that is the true test... right!

    The bottom line... the 260Z has been very dependable for me and if I get another ZTR it will probably be a Gravely.
    I also know someone who runs Toro's and he says he has had very few problems with his mowers as well. He mows full time and puts about 40 hours per week on his ZTR's.

    If I were you, I would demo as many mowers as I could so you will be happy with what you eventually get. These mowers are way to expensive to later find out you would have been happier with something else.:)
  6. SWD

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    I have a 2002 Gravely 262 ZTR 60" deck and a 36" deck pro G. I have run, demoed and sampled most all of everything out there. These machine work the best for me. I maintain C4 grasses 8 months of the year and the remaining 4 I maintain C3 grasses. The Gravely's in my fleet perform admirably.
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    Welcome Sideline:: I looked at/Cut with about all the major names of ZTR's before going to the Gravely PM152 ZTR. This is the model below the 260Z . It is about 1200.00 less in price but maintains just about all the features. It has the hydraulic deck lift, adjustable/sliding seat, heavy duty air cleaner, 23 hp kawi motor, Maint. free spindles, 10 gal fuel cap, etc. I traded up from a Gravely Pro 150 belt drive 50" WB and Love the ZTR. It does stripe very well without having the optional kit on it and I am just a fan of the Kawasaki engines. Be sure whoever you buy from can service your needs for repairs/down time(Loaner) if needed. This is another reason I purchased from a local Gravely dealer.

    Of course this is all my opionion but If I were you and going to drop some coinage on a ZTR I would demo everything that draws your attention and see what you like. I only have about 100 hrs on the new ZTR now and my next one will be a Gravely.

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