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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Lynden-Jeff, Oct 19, 2006.

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    This has been my first year mowing. I have just been tarping my trailer which hasen't been the best nor has it been secure. I was going to store my equiptment in my friends garage (owns the property, I own a unit in a house) but he needs the space. However he has said I can build my own storage area. I have figured on a 16 by 8-10-12 foot shed type building. 2 4 foot dorrs (8 ft total space) and no windows. Does anyone have any suggestions? Althought I won't be pulling the trailer in it will atleast give me winter storage and storage for the summer.

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    I say build a single car garage, but a bit longer than the trailer so that you have some store space around it. That way, you can back your trailer in it for night time security and you still have the extra storage space.
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    Find some one with unused garage space and barter with them. I found 2 different garages where this worked.
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    i'm in a similar situation since i use an open trailer. i was thinking about a storage building like the u-haul places. has anyone tried this? i have seen a few that allows 24 hour access with cct.

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