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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutbetterthanyou, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Not sure where to put this so i'll put it here and the mods can move it if they feel they need to. Last year i bought a skid loader. I bought it mostly for around here and because i pretty much stole it (guy was getting ready to loose it and got it 4 pay off).I figured it would be a good tax deduction and it could use it for my business. I have only used it on 3 jobs so far. I have 4 more lined up this year. I can get a 3 axle deck over that is really rough for 1000 bucks. it needs work. I can also get a tow company to tow it anywhere in town for about 50-75 bucks. DOT is kindof bad here. With the cost of tags, upkeep, the trailer itself, potential fines from DOT for something i didn't even know was wrong ( they seem to always find something to ticket you for) I am thinking it may be smarter to just get the tow company tow it. If i had a job or 2 every week it may be different. What do you guys think? Ever worked it like this before? Pros, Cons?
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    Totally out of my area of expertise, but common sense tells me you would be better off to have the towing company move it for you. Even if you have it done 10 times a year, that is still less than $1,000, and you don't have to worry about insurance, tags, or any potential violations. All the fees will come right off the top of your taxes as well.
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    I tried to find "in the boonies, md." but nothing. Where are you located that the DOT is bad?
    I'm near Frederick and see a dozen trucks a day towing dual axle trailers with a 3/4-1 ton truck that I KNOW are over the 10,001lb maximum allowed CGVW riding with no DOT numbers. DOT says they have to be displayed on the truck in a area that can easily be read.
    My truck and trailer are right at the limit at 10,000lbs combined.
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    The whole thing with having a tow company transport your skid loader seems like a decent deal if you don't have too many jobs lined up for it. However, it does seem pretty inconvenient to have to call them to set up the transport of the machine. So you will definately have to have things planned out in advance.

    Now I also will say that the $1000 trailer would not be a good investment. By the time you get it in good shape and ready to go, you'll probably have a total of $2000-$2500 invested in the trailer.

    What I would do is use the tow company for now, until you get more business for the skid loader, then invest in a better trailer.
  5. ALC-GregH

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    I think the point is, he doesn't want to deal with the DOT. He would have to become DOT compliant if he gets a trailer rated heavy enough to haul the loader. Even if he has a 1/2 ton pick up, a trailer rated enough to carry the loader would still put him way over the 10,001lb maximum allowed CGVW.

    A 3/4 ton pick up truck and a 3500lb single axle trailer would need to be DOT compliant in Md.
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    I have asked myself the same queation for years, I just dont have the bobcat as of yet. I have a 4 axel car haler that I haul my farm tractor on for my own propertys that are close togeather.
    In my opinion the tow truck option is the way to go, if you dont like it then buy the trailer.
    Take into consideration the time it takes to hook a trailer to your truck then load and secure the bobcat.
    A nother thiong to considder is make a deal with the tow truck owner to run the bobcat also. That could be a big win for both of you.
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    Sucks to have equipment I have no use for.
  8. ALC-GregH

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    What do you have that you don't have any use for? Why not sell it?
  9. Marek

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    What does the machine weigh? If you can have the skid and trailer and keep them under 10k you will only need DOT numbers on your truck and a valid med card. Most guys in MD take a trailer and derate it to 10,000 so even with a large skid it will just be an over weight ticket. But if you have a trailer registered over 10 k you will need a class A or B CDL.
  10. yardguy28

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    i think the tow company sounds like the best way to go for now. i have no experience in this area but as another said common sence.

    use the tow company until business picks up with the skid loader. then if needed purchase a trailer in better shape.

    what about renting a trailer?

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