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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutbetterthanyou, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Dig a little deeper. The CGVW of BOTH truck and trailer can not exceed 10,001lbs. before he needs DOT numbers. If he has to have DOT numbers, then he's good up to 26,001lbs CGVW before he needs CDL. Either way, he'd need to comply with the DOT if he wants to haul the skid around on his own.
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    Instead of the tow company, maybe you could think about just renting a trailer for the occasional use.

    At some point if you exceed the cost of renting or paying someone to move it, then buy a trailer.

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    I would never leave my equipment somewhere that I did not have a good feeling about security. If a job took me to a place that was suspect, I'd have to bring it home each night. At least rent a trailer and bring it back to your lot, I'd freak if I had to rely on a towing company and they were tied up or failed to pick my equipment up on time.
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    I'm on the eatern shore of maryland.It is pretty rural here stuff does get stolen, but thats what insurace is for. The tow compnany is a good friend that took over my dads bussines after my dad almost died in a motorcycle accident. the shop is next to my house. I have a compact tractor for small jobs, so if the skid gets hauled out it is for a job that it will probally be at for a few days. I do have dot numbers and 2 trucks able to haul the skid. My issue with dot is they are just like dnr or the federal game warrden when they check you while hunting .Even if you think you have everything right they will most likely find some BS ticket to give you because there department needs money and with out giving tickets there job has no purpose. My skid does get used alot actually just on my own property thats why i don't want to sell it.
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    If you have numbers already then get the trailer, make it right and comply with everything. Problem solved.

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