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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gary pace, Sep 18, 2000.

  1. gary pace

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    Do all the ZTR's throw grass & dirt out over the front of the deck real bad, or is it just my husqvarna mid mount? I drove a dixie chopper at the dealer's Saturday but only on pavment, didn't have time to demo it. Maybe later, I'm 100 miles from a dealer. Nice machine what little I drove it. My kholer was cutting out some today at 52hours. If I have much trouble I may whisle DIXIE.
  2. John DiMartino

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    My Dixie throws grass and junk all out the front,when i am done mowing i am covered with clippings from the front discharging DC,so its not just yours,i bet most of them do it.I always wondered how the guy on the DC brochure stayed clean with his nice white shirt while mowing,they musta kept a backpaak blower off to the side to keep him clean for the shot.I had a 50" DC ,it did it even worse than the 60".If your kohler was cutting out,maybe the seat safty is kicking in,this happens to mine if you hit a bump once in a while.Unhook it and try ,if thats the problem you may ahve to live with it.You know the saying the grass is always greener,well it applied here,if you get a DC,its manchanical and can and will break.Mine has been in the shop more than i want to talk about.Hopefully all the bugs are out now,or will be soon.
  3. Smooth Operator

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    Exmarks do it also.
  4. gary pace

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    John it cut out on an incline, plenty of gas. When I switched yards it wouldn't open up at first.

    Always trying something, going to put some brushes off of an overhead door on the front of the deck. They are soft enough not to knock down the grass I hope (we'll see).

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  5. John DiMartino

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    I was thinking of making a flap to hang down the front of machine off the bumper to keep the clippings down under,I have lots of tractor trailer mudflaps from the trucksttop I do.I bet they'd make a good stripe kit too,they'd drag and lay the grass right down,giving a nice stripe.I forgot to mention,my DC has died a bunch of times when i turned the fuel vents off on the tanks,so it wouldnt spill out,then id forget that id done it,about 15 minutes later the tank is in a vacuum,the motor dies and you can hear the tank whistling as it tries to get some air.Then i just open one of the valves and it fires right up.It always happens to my wife when she tries to help me,she thinks its a POS becasue I always turn it off,she forgets to turn it on,then it dies on her about 1000ft from the house,Ill come home and by then itll have enough air and fire right up,ticks her off.

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  6. Eric ELM

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    The older DC's prior to 94 had the front of the deck down lower than the 94's and newer. My 93 didn't blow out very much grass at all, but it didn't cut nearly as good as the newer decks. I guess to fix one thing, you have to suffer another thing. The decks on the newer DC's have a piece that you can slide up and down, but I leave mine up after seeing the difference in the cut between the newer decks and the way the older ones were designed. All it takes is a back pack blower to clean all the clippings off or just haul it home about 80 MPH. :D
  7. Runner

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    John, I just wanted to say that the mudflap for the striping kit is an EXCELLENT idea. From what I understand, the Toro kit is about the same thing and I haven't seen it, but I'm willing to bet that it's probably not as durable as the mudflap and no doubt a WHOLE lot more expensive.
  8. Cutter1

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    My Laser does it also. It does it a lot worse now that I have been using double blades. Its tough to keep your sunglasses clean, but we all have to sacrifice!!

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