Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Guido, Dec 26, 2000.

  1. Guido

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    Like Eric thought of already, topics that come up over and over and take up a billion different threads get old. It was a great idea putting the double blade info and the computer tips on his site. Not to eliminate them from discussion here, but to give the basics so they can be expanded on here instead of explaining the fundementals over and over again.

    Another one that I see come up over and over again is for froms, contracts, etc.

    I finally figured out how to take the lock off my MSN photo/file album, and theres a place to put files. Maybe we can all pitch in and upload examples of contracts, various forms, and the like that may help someone better organize their business.

    I'm also starting a folder on there where we can put clip-art and animations that are industry related. I've been messing around trying to put some websites together and thats when I got the idea. I've been searching around free clip art sites going crazy looking for mowers and such.

    If we all come together on stuff like this, we can put together some great resources to help others and ourselves.

    We'll be sure to keep the members of Lawnsite the most informed and educated in the industry!

  2. Scraper

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    Great idea Dave and Eric!
  3. Greenkeepers

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    Hey Guido-

    I havn't been over to your site lately I'll go check it out again. Good Idea

  4. Getmow

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    Nice site Guido. More good info. Thanks
  5. turfsurfer

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    Thanks Guido, I'm still looking for some good forms for fert. estimating and invoicing. I've got the landscapers sample pack ordered from NEBS but I'm not sure what's included or if they have what I want. This new feature to the forum will undoubtedly help alot of folks out.

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