Erosion Control Presentation

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Man, I hope y'all can help me!!

I am doing a presentation for a large developer. We did a job for them earlier this winter and did about 3 acres around some ponds with some pretty good slopes in erosion control blankets. They loved it. Went nuts. So, I am like great, job security, just sign the check.

Now they want me to give a presentation at a luncheon to the upper management of the company. No big deal if I am at a bar shooting the breeze. But I have to make this look good yet not come across as too know it all like nor to much "aww shucks, it was nothing".

I remember seeing a study on a website outlining the erosion control properties of hydromulch, bonded fiber matrix, and erosion control blankets. Have any of y'all seen this? I have looked high and low and I'll be damned if I can find it.

If any of you guys have any idea's I can throw at them it would be appreciated as well. I have already given them the NPDES phase II stuff and they just stared at me. So I think that I can dazzle them with some simple bullsh*t. Just gotta figure what I am gonna sling at them.

D Felix

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If it helps any, I think there was an article in the magazine that John Deere puts out (The Furrow) sometime in the last year on how straw is grown and specifically graded for use as erosion control blanket. Don't know which issue it was, but it was sometime in the last year.

Don't know if it even interests you for this presentation, but hope it helps.

Call your local SWCD and see if they have any materials. They may even have props you could borrow.:D I'm sure they would be glad to help if it's something that has the potential to save them work in the future!



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I think that I would start with an outline.

What causes erosion.... sppeed and volume.

What can we do to reduce speed of water?

What can we do to reduce volume of water?

Then tell them what YOU do to reduce speed of water and volume. Explain why that makes sense in this particular situation over the other methods.

If the content is good, is presented in a way which they will understand, you are showing that you understand what it is all about, and you demonstrate that you applied the knowledge well, it won't matter if you are in a tux or have a piece of straw hanging out of your mouth. Anything that you can do to help communicate the ideas such as slides or drawings will reinforce this, but won't substitute for strong content.

That is true with any presentation.