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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jul 7, 2011.

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    We use the WM and WM weatherstations.. so..

    Couple questions with out me reading the entire manual.. Why should I not read it? Because I'm working close to 15 hours everyday this week.... So boo yah!

    I installed my first one today because the home owner was insisting on this controller

    Can the wire for the weather station be extended with any kind of copper wire? Or does it have to be the specific wire it came with.. It's only 25' and there's a huge pine tree where the controller is located.
    That being said.. I don't believe there is but is there a wireless weather station for the rb?

    I programmed the zones up ( was intially hard to do because it's much different then almost all other controllers but I got the hang out it) I'm assuming the controller will work automatically with out the weatherstation if I have it all programmed up when in the auto position?( didn't install today)

    Is there a budget percent feature for the entire program?

    And lastly how do I review the actual run time minutes of the zone . All I see is the max zone run time in the review section.. Will the log show the amount of minutes ran?

    I was trying to push the HO for the WM version.. and I told him I knew nothing other then seeing this controller.. Of course he had 100 million questions afterwards about the controller
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    1). Read the Manual dummy! Don't sell it and install it if you don't know how to use it
    2) you can extend the weather station cable with regular 18-2 if needed. There is a distance limit..... It's in the manual!
    3) The controller WILL NOT WORK without the weather station..... That's in the manual too!!
    4). You can review the forecast program but I find that to hardly accurate since it's just a forecast.
    5). Percent adjustment is on a station by station basis.
    7). You will find that the difference between the SMT and the WM is night and day. The WM is about as useful as a rock compared to the SMT!
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    Have to read the manual on that one. Inmo your boss should be dealing with this one in order to do proper service tech training. The wm sl is easier but the rb smt is a better controller inmo. Still id install the rm espm with the upgraded rf sensor over either these two controllers.
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    A properly programmed smart controller will out perform any properly programmed standard controller, if for no other reason than to remove almost all the need to adjust the controller due to changing ET.

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    Seems to be a lot of lying to these et timers. TAMU is about to release a study on et timers in which they added a seasonal adjust controller with a rf sensor. I was told by a study administrator it outperformed several of the ets. I like to know my watering has a top end amount determined by the user and not the controller.
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    Not lying .... adjustments to compensate for the overly CYA defaults. If you are going to manually program the SMT, which you should, then you need to understand what the settings are and how they apply to the determination of irrigation amounts. What I have seen on this forum is a lot of people trying to program the SMT without knowing how it works.

    Any standard controller can outperform an ET controller on default settings if you schedule it properly and babysit it. Just because it is "smart" doesn't remove the responsibility for the proper scheduling and management of the controller.

    Beyond that .... how many people do you think have a clue how much water is being applied, let alone being put to beneficial use? I would be willing to bet that 85% or more of irrigators don't have a clue .... and 99% of everyone else are clueless as well.

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    My understanding is they didn't babysit but used historical information. When it gets posted I'll bring it on the forum.

    The biggest complaint I see on the residential smart controllers on the various boards I follow is sensor failure. I think they have become a crutch to avoid Homeowner education.
  8. Kiril

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    How do you not baby sit a seasonal adjust controller? All the smart controllers essentially do is remove the need to make the seasonal adjustments.

    Like I said .... just because it is smart doesn't mean you don't have to program it correctly .... and that means programming it just like you would a standard controller.

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    Programming doesn't solve crappy cheap chinese equipment failures.

    Here is the site. You can analyze their research methodology.
  10. Kiril

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    And that has what to do with the SMT? Are you saying there aren't any standard controllers that are junk .... or is this just the beginning of another one of your asinine rants?

    Here is the site. You can analyze their research methodology.[/QUOTE]

    I looked at the initial results when they were first published. There are noted problems with programming which obviously creates some serious problems with respect to meaningful comparisons. Beyond that, there is a complete lack of details on how the controllers were programmed, therefore you cannot really analyze the methodology that really counts ... how the controller is programmed.

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