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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Kross, May 1, 2018.

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    So what advice would you give the OP?

    Your only involvement in this thread is to say screaming green is not organic. What organic product would you suggest? What methods would you use?

    Is screaming green not a good bridge product for the op situation? Or is using a bridge product a no go for you?
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    Milorganite is not approved as an organic product by the National Organic Program for agriculture. In the landscape industry, there is no legal definition of "organic".
    This is the source of much confusion. I think the most appropriate term to use in the landscape industry is "organic based". A lot of LCO's misleading advertise that hey are organic.
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    I'd be using chicken poo,or alfalfa or soy this time of year .
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    We all know what "ORGANIC " is , sceaming green is not it by anybody's definition. You sell the stuff. Don't you see the conflict here?
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    The makers of Screamin Green, nor I, have never made claims that it is an organic fertilizer.
    It is not recognized or promoted as organic. Riggle was incorrect when he called it an organic fertilizer. As I have stated many times, SG contains Urea, Ammonium Sulfate, Sulfur Coated Urea as conventional N sources Plus composted poultry manure and biosolids as organic matter and nutrients.
    It is approved by AAPFCO as an Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer And is the only one that contains organic matter.
    Many consider it a "bridge product". Many others consider it an effective slow release fertilizer that performs very well. Some mistakenly call it organic.
    I am a member of several organic landscape organizations and I strongly believe that companies that advertise themselves as "organic" only use organic, natural fertilizers and EPA Exempt Pesticides.
    Unfortunately, there is little if any regulatory guidelines on what is organic in the landscape industry unlike agriculture. I have spoken with several state government pesticide/fertilizer regulators about this and they have told me that misleading claims can only be addressed by State Dept. of Consumers Affairs
    I don't know how I can make this any clearer.
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    Yes, the original poster did make this statement. Thanks for reminding us. Thumbs Up
    So in this case, Screamin Green would be acceptable.
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    Try Biosoil Farm. They make a low dose high efficiency all natural fertilizer in pelletized and liquid form. Their products are loaded with good microbes that will help "fix" the nutrients already in the soil for your lawn to absorb them and the roots will run much deeper. I have used their pelletized product on my lawn and am getting ready to treat with their root and veg liquid. When I say their products are loaded with good microbes, the cap on the liquid is vented with a one way valve to allow the microbes to out gas without blowing the cap off! Good luck!

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