Establishing business hours


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The GFI deal is a difficult one. If it's blatant like the yard guy mowed up your extension cords it's less difficult.

Will P.C.

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Speaking as a homeowner, getting to my house 24hrs after a call would be great regardless when you answered or returned my call. Having that peace of mind knowing you would arrive to fix something is critical. The Xmas season flies by and each night those lights aren't on, I am feeling seriously cheated as a customer.

Getting charge a fee of 85 bucks each time your truck is my driveway would most likely mean you want be seeing my money next year and I would probably reevaluate getting the job done by anyone or look into someone who hangs home depot lights for 200 dollars.


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I was at a new customers home about 10 days back, got there about 9:15pm or so whose lights were not working. no power at outlets. ah..a breaker! no. a gfci button tripped! yes. but where? after an hour of checking every plug in the 6000 square foot home, checking the crawl space, I finally found 2 of them behind a pile of firewood in the garage. left at 10:30 at night. my fault? not really. customers fault? well, most folks just don't KNOW this. charge the customer? I did not because I normally do not. If I send them a bill for a service call, I would say the chances of them firing me for next year go up 50-60%. but calling her back, and coming out that late and fixing their problem for free, I would say I have a 90% chance of keeping that customer for the next 3-5 years. That is probably worth more than the $ 85.
I agree with this 100%. We service our customers 24/7 especially when it comes to holiday decorating. Most of the time people who are getting holiday decor are more affluent customers. We strive to satisfy these customers as best we can and if it means coming out at 930 pm we will any day of the week truat me it will pay off. I really got into this when i watched a webinar on selling to the wealthy. The speaker was getting married and it was late and one of his customers had problems with their lights and he left his wedding to fix them. Didnt charge them a cent. His business was the talk of the country club for the next two or three weeks and he got flooded with new customers.

Certainly if the work warrents charging you should but if it something simple like breaker or gcfi i wouldnt bother.
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