Estate Mowing 5+ Acres...pricing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmc456, Oct 31, 2005.

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    How low would you go an a per acre rate for estate mowing that is 5-10 acres w/ flat to small rolling hills a say 2-5 trees per acre.

    This is just for the mowing portion of your estimate, trimming on places like this needs to be done by simply the time it takes to get the job done to the customers expectations. Several of these estates only require trimming around the house. The lanscape is layed out where there is very little trimming and the 455-D has 2' of trim capacity on each side anyway.

    I'm looking to have a crew to specialize in large commerical and estate mowing next season.

    Setup will be
    *2 Guys
    *Toro 455-D (10 acres / hr wide open but have been getting 7-8 acres / hr with trimming and trees.)
    *2006 Convertible w/ 48" deck for a trim mower (easily 2-3 acres per hr for small areas)

    I'm considering $25-$30 per acre depending on the size and terrain. Even at the low end I would be making $150 - $200 / hr all day with 2 guys.

    Fuel $50
    Labor $200
    Overhead $50

    Net at the end of the day would be around $900-$1000 day.

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