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Ester based weed control

Grassworks Inc.

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Ester's not bad for turf, but they volutalize (?) in warm weather like we're having now. They turn gaseous and can cause damage to nearby ornamentals. Time to use amines and put some slow release in your ferts in this area.


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We use "Chaser" (ester herbicide) by the end of April. Reason is: by then, the "hard-to-kill" weeds are out. Speedwell, clover, etc." Plus others. Chaser kills them all (even some violets).

Chaser is actually less stressful to turf than the "trimec herbicides"! (No dicamba in it). Problem is -- it costs about 3 times as much as amine Trimec formultions. So use it wisely.

Since Chaser has no dicamba, so there is no root uptake on desireable plants. It's actually safer than Trimec (just costs more & does a much better job).

Stay clear of sensitive plants, cuz it does voliticize. Peonis, some rose cutivars, etc.

Dicamba is not an ingredient in Chaser, so it's much safer regarding root uptake on woody ornamentals & trees.
Good product!