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    I am trying to find a simple way to do my bidding for next year for commercial accounts and just needing to know how you guys do it..

    I was thinking about making a list and discription of my services. Then put a price on each one (customed to the property) and let them check off the ones they wanted.. but then I got to thinking that I could price my self out of the bid real fast doing it that way... the other problem I am having is getting to the decision maker .. how do you guys do this.. how do you get past the gate keeper/keepers??...

    Just needing some help in the way you guys do it..

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    i call ahead and speak with the person in charge of such matters and say something like

    " i am looking at expanding my clientel for the next season and would like to put in a bid for services at ????? location.when will you be accepting bids? and when could i meet with you ?"

    then they usually will tell you if they are taking bids and when and who to see.when i show up i first talk to them for a few min to find out what services they are looking for then i excuse myself to look about the property and bid accordingly.i then return to that person with a prepared bid.i use a very simple but effective bid sheet, i have gotten many accts because of its simplicity:

    for some reason it will not let me upload it ,wrong format it says.anyway send me an email or pm and i will email it to you.

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