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    Hey i was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to email me a bid or estimate letter format that you use. We are starting to branch out into more commercial properties such as a few apartment complexes and resturants. And i paid for a program that was supposed to have some example templates but frankly they suck. (at least the estimate stuff Also a contract form would greatly be appriciated. This was our first year in buisness and I feel we do great work and actually got all our other ducks in a row (insurance and stuff) but neither me or my partner are clever enough to word those fancy bid and contract pages very well.

    Thank you very much in advance email is or i guess you could post here.
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    Please? anyone?
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    Try doing a search(at the top of the page) for contracts. I did this last year. There are some good examples in old posts. I took somethings I liked from some and some from others and designed my own. Also it may not be bad idea to have a lawyer look over the wording to make sure everything is allright.
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    I would recomend going to You should be able to find what you are looking for as far as sales sheets go. For the contract, someone here may be willing to shoot you a copy of theirs for you to edit and use. Otherwise, I would recomend seeing your lawyer. He/she should be able to draft something for you. Good luck, make sure that your contract is all inclusive. And, make sure that those sale sheets look GREAT, that is what the potential customer has to remember you by.

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