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Estimate for 2 1/2 acre site in Virginia


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I had a contract last year for $288 a month cutting 2 1/2 acres with an out building/shed and Main building. Limited trees and moderate trimming( sidewalks and trees/buildings) The problem to me was I was cutting the property 3 times a month most of the year lagging down to 2 times October thru early December. What should I be charging them for the cuts? Individually per cut? Not to mention this price included airating ,seeding and fertilizing. Please Help as I am tryn to start out on my own.


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They had a contract written up from April to November with extra pay if property needed to be cut. What should I do with the cost per acre etc...
Should I charge per cut or a set fee for the months cut?

Thank You,

Joseph D Michael


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I would just charge a per cut fee or you can give them a monthly contract from april to november. If they call you after November then it is extra depending on the work. I would just see what is better for you man.