Estimate for cobblestone driveway?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by nlminc, Sep 20, 2000.

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    Hi everyone, I'm a little lost on this one. I've been given the opp. to install a Cobblestone driveway using belgium cobbles layed flat. The drive is 33' long by 20' wide has a pitch towards the house and a drain that needs to be installed. The existing driveway is crushed stone and has to be dug out and removed from the property. The Cobbles will be set in mortor. I've installed cobble edging before at 12/linear foot, with mortor, but have never layed out a complete drive. Any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Chris
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    This is outside my realm of expertise, but I do know that to set pavers in mortar, this is no longer a flexible pavement situation, rather a rigid one. This means you'll have to have a slab poured first that you can mortar the pavers to (otherwise your mortar will likely crack the first time it's driven on). Because we don't offer that service, I'd have no idea how to price it, but I'm thinking $12/sqft would be a starting point, to go up from there.

    As for the how-to's on the rest of the project, I know enough to be dangerous...I'll let someone else take a crack at that.
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    Be ready to do some real work, dig out gravel base, then dig out dirt under it, need 6' gravel under concrete that you are going to pour, allowing for depth of stone, should set stone in soft concrete then mix mortar for look of filled joints. 4" of concrete should work out fine.

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