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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by adam underwood, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. adam underwood

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    hey guys...
    one of my customers who is very picky and precise walked me around her yard today and told me what she wanted to be done and i have no idea how to estimate it.

    she wants several bushes and shrubs trimmed back, some flowers transplanted, four yards of mulch, lots of light raking, 15,000square feet of fert spread, and she wants this stream that runs through her yard to be thinned out and the banks rebuilt(it has gotten wider in spots due to a wet winter). the stream runs about 60 through her property and we can do the work wit hand shovels....

    i have no idea to bid this, i figure the work will take two guys about 10hours to do. any suggestions?
  2. Popper357

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    Two guys ten hours is all the info you need. Or should need. I charge my hourly rate x's hour many hours I plan for. Add in costs for supplies or dump fees.

    Since your new you should give this person a discount and charge it to your on the job training. I am doing this currently with the landscape jobs I have. I am getting full price for things I have experience with. I am volunteering at least a full day to a landscape contractor tom. to build a big retaining wall. Well worth it in my eyes. I bill $50 a man hour for me, if I'm with inexperienced help, I'll give a discount for the helpers man hours. Two guys, ten hours, up to a grand in labor. You may not need this much due to lower overhead, get a usable concept for you expenses.

    I started out at 25 and hour, then went to 40, then 45, now fifty. Jump from $25 to $50 was 3-4years.
  3. Kickin Your Grass

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    2 men at 10 hours=

    20 man hours multiplied by your hourly rate=$???
  4. sheshovel2

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    I would break it down to three different phases--the bush and shrub trimming
    and transplanting together/the raking and mulching together/the fert app seperate/the creekbed seperate/figure each one labor and materials seprate then put it all together for your est to cust.
    The transplanting and the creekbed may hang you up so be carefull and add xtra amnt of time for those.Suggest you have cust draw you a diagram of what she wants transplanted to where.
    Are you gonna have to remove the debri?Why rake instead of blowing thats 100 times faster than raking?Are you going to have to add rock to hold the rebuilt banks of the creekbed?Will your mulch beclose and easty to get on the beds?Do you have xtra soil to refill the holes when you take plants out and transplant?Ask yourself some questions...hope helps and good luck :D
  5. Adamma Landscape Group

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    The stream rebuilding is what will take you a lot of time. Watch out for snakes on the stream banks. Other stuff she wants you to do is straight forward. What did she want you to rebuild the stream with?

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