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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by toac, Jul 22, 2005.

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    hey, got a quick question. i had someone call and ask me if i would clear some brush for them. where the brush is, is in between two fences about 3 feet wide and about 60-70 feet long with about a 10 by 10 area at then end....kind like the shape of a P. i don't know what the going rate is to do this. there are a lot of tall weeds, small weeds and some ivy. can anybody help me with an estimate. thanks.

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    Your post is sort of vague. What type brush are you removing? What kind of Ivy? Is it dense enough that it would require you to use a chain saw to get through it, or could a walk behind field and brush remover clear it. Another thing to think about is that if the brush is "stiff" a brush mower will climb up the brush instead of going over it. If you can not get a brush mower into it, you are looking at a lot of work. If the brush is light enough, you can use a trimmer with a blade attachment if you have one available. Do you have to remove the debris from the site? If so consider dump fees. ALso realize that brush requires a lot of trailer/truck space. Plan on a few trips.
    Be very careful when you estimate this job, I would give them a range based on the minimum to maximum amount of time you expect X your hourly wage plus any equipment rental you may run into. I did a job like this last week, and had to rent a brush mower because the area was to small to get my tractor and brush hog into. To rent the mower for the day was $70, a half day was $50. The are that I did was 1,035 square feet. It took me 3.5 hours including pick up and drop off of the rental unit. If you have some photos of the area, it would help. Hope this helps.

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