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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bills Circle Mowers, Mar 31, 2001.

  1. Bills Circle Mowers

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    Hello all,
    We are power equipment dealer who is adding commercial mowing to our business. We have been asked to submit a bit on the "Common grounds" of a sub division. Area is about 3/4 of a mile wide and 1/4 mile or a little over deep. This unit has a post type fence, plus trees and a few other utility and phone boxs scattered along the inside edge of the commons. This area is about 40 feet wide all the way around. We have never tried something of this size and not sure how to bid it. Would be open to all helpful suggestions.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. kutnkru

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    If Im getting your input I would estimate this area as follows:

    1/4 mile = 1320sq.ft. x 40ft. = 52,800 sq.ft.
    3/4 mile = 3960sq.ft. x 40ft. = 158,400 sq.ft.

    Total turf areas in question = 211,200 = 3 acres.

    I would bid this property at $28 acre for flat, wide area mowing with minimal obstacles plus time for trimming and blowing at $32/hr.

    I would bid this property at $55 acre for hilly, wide area mowing with lots of obstacles, berms, dips etc. plus the time for trimming and blowing at $32/hr.

    Welcome to the Lawn Biz mr equipment dealer.
  3. joshua

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    well i have to agree with exactly what kutnkru has said, i don't cut propertis of that size but if i were to i would use his formula, it seems like one of the best thati've seen.
  4. Henry

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    How many sq. ft. in an acre?
  5. GLM

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    Henry I just asked that question and its 43560sq.ft. per acre. Is to the above estimate I would cut that for about $245. About 2.5 hours(cuts 864.3 sq.ft. per minute in fourth gear.) with my 36" at a dollar minute plus trimming and blowing. Common areas can be nice because the are a little more open sometimes. Some times you lick out and get a road edge with nothing to trim around and its quick. Good luck.
  6. Getmow

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    Do I get this right. You are now in direct competition with the people you sell equipment to??? There goes the neighborhood!
  7. bilchak

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    Correct. Is this really a wise business move on
    his part? I can see people going elsewhere now.

  8. Getmow

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    from VA
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    I bought from one in my area but he just did government contracts and would have NEVER ventured into the local market. Just bad business IMHO.
  9. Eric ELM

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    My dealer is one of the biggest lawm mowing companies around here. It doesn't affect us at all, but what is nice is, I use the same equipment they use, so I know they will stock parts for what they use so I can always get what ever I need too. The longest down time I have had since I started buying Choppers was from 5 PM when I dropped my old Chopper off for an intake manifold gasket til 7 PM when they called me up and said it was ready. That is what I call service. :)

    I think a dealer that mows is the best one to deal with. They know what down time is all about and will handle it promptly.
  10. Getmow

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    I guess it all depends on the local market. In our area the need for quality dealers is greater than the need for LCO's.

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