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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cgaengineer, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Since I am so new to lawn maintenance I am having a bit of trouble estimating time required to finish a job. This job is much bigger than anything I have ever cut. I realize there are many variables but based on some of the information I give can you give me an rough estimate of time required to finish or the amount to charge. I have quoted my customer a price but my price also includes cutting his office which is 20,000 sq ft. My price is based on 32 cuts per year. I wouldnt say he baulked at the price, but I think he was expecting a lower price based on the speed of my equipment.

    The lawn is 75,000 sq ft fescue (Relatively flat) and will be mowed at 3"-4", minimal trimming (Hardly any trees), and no edging (No sidewalks and gravel drive). I will be using my 40" Toro T2 with a sulky which should cut down the amount of time considerably. I should be able to run wide open since the lawn is lacking in obstacles. If it means anything it takes my customer 1:15-1:30 to cut with a 42" John Deere lawn tractor. I would think I could run circles around a lawn tractor and that this job should take about 45 minutes to cut with my 40" Toro.

    If you go to and search for parcel XX112 033A you can see a very detailed aerial of the property. Once you find parcel select "show parcel map". There is also a measuring tool you can use. This map is much more detailed then Google Maps.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    If your estimating it will take you 45mins to perform the lawn maintenance on this then you are half way there with the estimate. You need to decide what you need to make and hour to pay your insurance, helpers, fuel, machine maintenance and profit. Then break it down to the 45 minutes. lets say you need to bring in $100 an hour to make money. Then you would charge 75$. Here in PA commercial cutting is always cheaper per hour then residential. But with commercial properties you usually pick up additional work at the property which more than makes up for the lack in pay for the lawn care. Also even the smoothest properties also require a reasonable speed to get a proper cut. I wouldnt count on going fuel speed if you want to do a clean crisp cut which could lead to more work.
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    Jobs should be priced based on the perceived value to the customer. For mowing if you used a 21" push mower or a 60" Z the price the customer is willing to pay is the same. So the price isn't based on how long it takes you to complete the job. For a 75,000 square foot lot the customer is expecting to pay around $100 per cut.
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    I would charge $138.43 AND IF HE WANTS IT BAGGED $181.00

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