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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jul 8, 2011.

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    This must be the week for us to have dumb luck trying to run lawn care estimates.

    A guy called in yesterday afternoon for a mowing & lawn treatment program estimate. I showed up today at 11:21 a.m. Stopped at the guard shack so they could verify stuff. They called his home number, his work number, and his cell number. No answer at any phone numbers. The gal finally left a voice mail on this clown's cell number to call back. She said, "I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to enter".

    Then I told her, "Don't even bother" cuz we ain't comin' back.

    This place has wasted our time more than any other development in central Iowa. They host a National PGA tournament, and homeowners have to log in before they enter. The homes are mostly million dollar homes & up. We currently serve 6 of them. We probably could have 2 dozen accounts if it were not for us not being able to "get in". Homeowners typically forget to register our company name, so most often....we are "denied access" in order to provide timely estimates.

    Here's what we do. If we can't get in the first time, we THROW AWAY their estimate. I say, "Screw them". They costed us time, fuel, salary, etc, etc.

    And when they call back for re-scheduling, we say there is a $50 charge to come back. During the past 10 years or so, there have been no takers regarding the fifty dollar thing.

    Anybody else run into this crap? thanks
  2. Efficiency

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    generally, Larry, what Ive experienced is that the more money/wealth someone portrays or does indeed posses, the more likely they are to mistreat others. Certainly not the RULE, but seems to be a good fit most of the time.
  3. Will P.C.

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    Looks like a nice place.

    The places around me are notoriously bad about being able to get in. I think it has something to do with the guard and when they switch shifts. If the h/o calls the same guard within a few hours that you see when you pull up, than you are usually okay.

    Anything with a different guard and more than a few hours seem to be too much for these guards to handle
  4. RigglePLC

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    Oh yea! Super inconvenient--time wasting. One of my customers had a nice house, (4 car garage, and his bill was about $216 per treatment). He had an electric gate across his long driveway. Push the button to contact his house so they could open it. But if family was on vacation...if you were lucky, it rang at his office... and they would let you in, usually). If Saturday or after hours...
  5. blk90s13

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    I noticed that as well and I cant stand it !
  6. Ric

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    You got to love the gated communities. They don't have the KEEP UP WITH JONES THING. THEY WANT TO BE THE JONES THAT EVERYONE ELSE KEEPS UP WITH. Most of my work is in fact in upscale gated communities. You got to know your onions if you are going to be the Lawn care provider for the rich and famous. Word of mouth works here better than any other neighborhood. BTW it works both ways, They will black ball a provider who does poor work in a NYC second. I know many gated communities will even give the lesser provider the run around as a intentional Pimp.
  7. ted putnam

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    Money talks, BS walks...Shoulda slipped the guard a 50 if you really wanted another account...:laugh:
  8. phasthound

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    and that's why they deserve more tax breaks than mere working people. :nono:
  9. Ric

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    Major Ron is a 70 something fat ball with a waxed mustache and black dyed hair. He never had any authority in his life until he became a Rent-A-Cop at the Main gate of our most upscale gated Community. He works Thursday Friday and Saturday and is a screaming PITA flaming and Gabbing.

    I Only work in that neighbor on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and void dealing with the A hole. Year ago when I cut Grass, I had a customer who would greet us as we unloaded the Trailer and stay with us the entire time we serviced the property. At the time I was a start up and needed every customer I could get. So I spend some time and made friends with these people long enough to find out They were on a Bowling League every Wednesday Morning. Guess what their new mowing schedule was...

    I guess my point is, When dealing with the public you are always going to run into PITA people. You can be smart and work around those types or you can make it tougher like John Wayne says.
  10. vencops

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    I was a PGA Professional in my former life (years ago).

    During my stint, I worked at 3 CC's.....with the last being QHCC, home of the PGA TOUR's Wachovia Championship.

    Each time I moved, the clientele I served got more affluent. In MY experiences, the more money people had, the NICER they got. I always attributed this to "what in the WORLD do they have to worry about" (financially)?

    In 1993, the initiation fee @ QHCC was $60K and by invitation, only. Dues were in the neighborhood (monthly) of $600/per. I could never imagine working for a nicer membership. They were a treat to work for. The previous assignments were the typical "trying to keep up" crowd.

    I have 4 accounts, currently, where the homes range from $2.2M to $8.5M. I have a great chance of landing an adjacent home (in the same neighborhood as 3 of the 4) that'll be in that price range (it's currently under construction).

    These are my best (in every aspect) customers. I guess I should count my blessings (based on your collective experiences).

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