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    What do you guys write down your addresses and appointments in? since I've been driving i've just been using small notebooks works great, and the notebook gets torn up after about 4 years or use. I just bought a nice leather bound one at staples yesterday which should work equally as well and be organized. I also use a notebook to keep track of my accounts and who is paid and not paid, but in november I adopted per goldpro's suggestion and I love it. but i needed something more organized for my to write down voicemail's and addresses for estimates. pictures would be great too.




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    Hey have you experienced any problems with landscapebillng. Im having nothing but issues. And there customer service. Ha they never respond back
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    I have one notepad for that I keep all the customer info on, it has the lead source, the date and time it came in, name address and contact info, I get this info as soon as the customer calls it's the very first thing I ask. Next I have a day timer that all appts get put in, that's all I really need until the initial meeting, at which I have a cutomer notes notebook, I write down all pertinent info they give me while doing the walkthrough. If they sign up I have a professionaly printed service agreement they sign, one copy goes to them and I keep a copy. Shake hands, say thank you and start collecting money LOL kinda.
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    I keep a customer list (names, numbers, addresses) in my phone that's updated with new accounts once a month. It gets updated on the computer at the office, and then emails it as a PDF to all technicians/crew members. As for stuff on paper, I have a list printed off the computer once a month that shows the balances for all lawn accounts.

    If I need to write notes and customer info down while I'm in the truck, I have a calender book for that. It's one of the ones that shows time slots (per hour) for each day. If I don't use that, I just use the memo pad app on my phone.
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    I use legal pads on one of those metal clipboards. I had to condition myself that paper is cheap and i write the full name number address etc job measurements info, diagram. Then draw a bold line separating the next estimate. I use reminders in my iphone a lot and i also keep a full size planner for scheduled estimates and recording guys hours. This way its clear to anyone who reads it even though i write in chicken scratch.
    Keep in mind i don't do maintenance
    I'll try and get pics tomorrow.
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    I use these pre-made pages for each job. I just keep them in the contractor clipboard, when a estimate rolls in I have this system:

    1. Put down basic info, address ect. of call. Fill in schedule to meet on paper. Plug into iphone calendar with alert.

    2. Go to estimate, fill in entire sheet while talking to customer. Put into binder of all estimates after scanning into PDF and put into dropbox so it is available to my phone, laptop, etc.

    3. If i get the job I then I create a customer data file in evernote with the date, times and work done along with what I charged. I then place the estimate PDF file in the evernote file and I am done.

    The beauty of the system is my evernote system. I can type into my phone the customers name and instantly get all the information I ever needed about them. I use my ipad in the field with cell connection to constantly update customer files. I feel like I have the best of both worlds with the paper and then the scanning.


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    I work as a cop, so I have the aluminum tin that I carry preprinted forms in. I duplicate so that I can provide a handwritten estimate. If they say it is a go, I then print and mail them two contacts for signing, one for me and one for their records.
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    I have the aluminum binder now and it drives me crazy. Need to remember estimate papers, notebook paper, a pen etc. Then i have to keep track of all that paper. There is quite a bit, as in the spring i do 2-3 estimates per day.
    Going with a tablet in the spring. I can still have the old school "legal pad" and "pen", my trusty fill in the blank carbonless copy estimate worksheet, a calculator, downloadable price lists from the nursery, the mulch and topsoil price list and the local equipment rental house Iist. I can pull up pictures of jobs I've done and pictures of trees and shrubs for zones 4-5.
    The best part about the tablet is that it saves time and money. I can either print it out right there or email it on the spot. No more back to the office so I can type it out, print, envelope, stamp and mail or even worse, drive back to drop it off. I can' t tell you how many times I got the job because I was the only guy to show up or the only one to get them the estimate. I think a tablet would make me even more efficient and able to get the jobs.
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    I'm seriously thinking about going Ipad & Iphone that way I can have everything everywhere all the time. It gets crazy in the spring for sure trying to keep up with everything.
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    i have a folder similar to yours. it never leaves the house though. i have a notebook for customers in it. i put their name, address, phone number, how often i cut and what i charge under their name. i have another notebook i keep track of expenses in. i have another notebook in there i keep track of when i was paid and how much and who paid me. i update things every day. i don't put it off and let it build up. if i get paid i then go check it off on the calendar i have. i buy something i write it down as soon as i get home. i keep all my receipts in a shoebox. it takes less than 5min a day to keep everything updated daily.

    as far as keeping track of schedule i use one of those big desktop calendar things. i write down what i'm doing on each day and i check it off when done and i check it off again when i'm paid for that job. makes it easy to keep up with everything. i keep a seperate notepad in the truck in the glovebox to write down addresses and such when people call me while i'm out working.

    i keep every customers name and number in my iphone as well. you could also use the calendar on the iphone if you wanted to but i don't do that at this time. the desktop calendar works for me as 5 yards is a full 8hr day here. sometimes 3 yards is an 8hr day. some of them are 3acres in size. the days you cut those you many only cut 2-3 yards that day. if you cut small yards all day then you may not have the space to fit 10 customers names in one box on the calendar lol.

    i don't get all complicated with it. i don't use fancy computer software or anything. i'm solo so it's overkill to do that. if you have a big company then it's probably necessary in order to keep track of everything.

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