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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by kbcjlc, Aug 1, 2002.

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    A man called and gave me the quote after looking at my property. It is about half acre with some beds. He will charge me $5800.00 for installing 6 stations, with automatic time, automatic drains, driven, pop up heads where necessary, and drip system where necessary with complete work and guarantee. I will have to pay water meter which is about $500.00-$700.00 I have to call the city and pay them to install the water meter.

    I asked him what products he is using. He said He uses with NELSON PRODUCTS. I asked him about Rain Bird and he said Nelson is much higer quality than rain bird. IS THAT TRUE? I never heard of nelson but toro and rain brid.

    Question is Nelson products quality?

    PS I have two more for other companies to come and do estimate. I thought about doing the irrigation but do not want to screw up since it cost more than a thousand dollars.

  2. SprinklerGuy

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    Nelson is one of the oldest companies, not necessarily one of the best though.....ask him what specific products he will use.

    I don't recall ever seeing a complete Nelson System either in colorado or arizona. Anyone else?

    We regularly replace the timers and the valves when we find them just because we don't like the way the operate. That of course, means nothing. Good luck.
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    In this area, Nelson could very well be a four letter word. All the rotors I've come across are inferior in my opinion. They have a rubber cap that hides the adjustments that seems to "disappear" over time. Usually from the lawnmower. Once that cap is missing, the adjusters get all "fubar". Our local supplier stopped carrying the Nelson line because of to many warranty issues. The controllers do not seem very user friendly either. I highly recomend Hunter rotors, pgp or i-20, rainbird 1800 sprays, and either a rainbird or hunter controller. The new hunter pgv valves are also a great product. This is only one mans opinion however.
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    We all have preferences for one brand or another? Myself, in 30 years in this trade, I have never seen a Nelson product in my area of California. I think I could safely say this that the West is the territory of Toro and Rainbird.

    The point that I'm trying to make is maybe in your area( kbcjlc) Nelson may be the big company in your area. I think you can judge for yourself since you heard of both Toro and RainBird before, which product is more used in installations.
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    Nelson??? Oh thats the ones we change out all the time:)
    in our area we use mostly hunter,rain bird,toro,so-so
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    Nelson = junk

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