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Everyone has noticed that each customer has a different need/desire for a lawn service. Some customers may want their lawn cut weekly because they don't feel like doing it themselves. They may not care what it looks like as long as it is cut. Others as we all know, want their lawn maintained and are extremely picky about detail. They want every piece of grass/leaf off their lawn. They want every little thing trimmed, etc. As we all know these customers take more time as opposed to the customer that doesn't care much. Which brings me to my question: Do any of you do this? When going to give an estimate do you give them options?

Basic Mowing ($30)
Mow (Side Discharge)

Edge (+ $5)
Mulch (+ $10)
Bag (+ $15)

This way they can choose what kind of service they want. If they are cool with side discharge and leaving grass laying around then it's cheaper & faster. If they want you to mulch and go slower, you can do that and get paid more for it. If they want you to bag and dump the grass someplace charge more for that.

Should some type of Option(s) be placed on the Estimate Sheet? I think this will give you a better chance at getting the account by giving the customer more options. I mulch everything. Some customers love it because I mulch and it makes the lawn look so nice, but others could care less and I'm wasting my time on their lawn. I feel that if I price my work based on mulching only I could lose those customers that don't care the way it looks. They would think, why pay him $40 when I don't even care what my lawn looks like. Heck I would be glad to do a quick 20 min job for $25 instead. Around here the majority of the people just want their grass cut. Of course you get those that extremely want professional service, but others don't. Thanks for taking time to check this out. Suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated.
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