Estimate Scenario. What Would U Do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DSLND, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. DSLND

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    Went To take an estimate today for this ladys neighbor that i took a bush trimming estimate for and she said some YOHOO was mowing it so i called the lady earlier in the day and i said i would take the estimate around 4:00 get there and some guy with a JD lawn tractor behind a 150 with a little 5x8 trailer and said hes been mowing it for 2 years so im standing there with my measuring wheel and im like she called me and then hes like whatever and i didnt want any trouble so i went put the wheel back on the trailer and me n my dad left and i got home and called and left the lady a message saying i didnt take the estimate and didnt want to cause any trouble and said i would do it tomorrow or saturday. What would you Do in this scenario? Ever Happened? I told the lady if i were to mow then she should call the guy and tell him . But i want no trouble with the guy? What Do You Think I should OF DOne? -Mitch-
  2. Soupy

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    Is your truck lettered? did you have your equipment with you? If not... I would have measured the lawn and given her an estimate. He probably wouldn't have put it together that you were estimating for cutting. I doubt he measured the lawn when he bid it.

    If you do have a lettered truck I would have only came back if it was convenient for me to do so, if not I would have estimated it anyway. You went as far as telling him you were there for an estimate then you should have done it. It's not your fault that she called. It's not like you were doing door to door sales. He's most likely history no matter if you get the job or not.
  3. grass-scapes

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    I would have said "I'll be out of your way in a minute, Im measuring for fertilizer needs" and called her with my estimate later that night.
  4. K.Carothers

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    Who cares what truck or size trailer he had. Does that make you a better lco???

    Did the grass look good? If so, this lady is a price shopper.

  5. NEPSJay

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    i would have walked around, measured, did whatever i had to do, and i would have done it like I owned the place.
  6. grassyfras

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    I would of just came back later.
  7. topsites

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    So long you don't mind going through a learning experience, go right ahead and submit the estimate.

    Rule: NEVER take another Lco's work, no matter what.
    Reason: It's bad voodoo.

    I've done this once or twice and I sorely regretted it, and not because the other Lco did anything to get me back.

    It's all because what goes around, comes around.
  8. lawnartisan

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    I have had a few people ask me for an estimate that already had someone and i strait out saw i dont like taking fellows in the business's work. I then ask how much they pay and why they are not happy. I they say well he doesnt do weeds I ask if they agreed on it because if it wasnt an agreement i wouldnt do it either i charge extra. if the lawn needs color i ask do you have any agreement about fertilizing; i charge extra. Have of them realize the guy they have is not that bad and never call me back. But if the guy is a total flake that doesnt show up half the time i dont care. It all depends what they are bitching about. If they are picky over bs i dont want them anyway. But if the guy isnt showing up thats the only time i will take it on.
  9. grass-scapes

    grass-scapes LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If the customer isn't happy, and soliciting for a new LCO, you aeren't taking another LCO's work.
    Are you telling us that if its being mowed by someone other than the homeowner, you don't bid it? Is it easy finding work?
  10. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    LOL so how do you know why the other Lco is turning out crappy work? Gee, maybe it's because they're too CHEAP and maybe he's just doing what he's gotta do and getting out of there... I've done this many a times, do what you gotta do because it's not worth it but hey, it's a quick and dirty and some folks are cool with that, I most certainly will service such a lawn but up to a point there is nothing I can do if they won't pay.

    Most of the time another Lco takes over one of my yards, I laugh and sometimes pretty hard. Most of these customers are 1st-year folks (translation: low-priced and I mean L-O-W) whom just recently got their rates raised by 5 lousy bucks which only just brings them to the bottom of the barrel doesn't even match what my newer customers pay, and gee oh no I gtg find someone 'better' they say.

    I got this one lawn that gradually deteriorated over the past 4 years. I suspect the Lco before me 'got' them for three or four hundred dollars to revitalize their acre lot, and it looked awesome! But they didn't like something and I came along and you see I can't aerate an acre lot for 40 dollars, I just can't do it, and I sure can't fert / lime / seed AND aerate no acre lot for no 120-140 dollars and that is all they wanted to pay and it explains why the past Lco had to trick them, so I just let it go over the years because they were too cheap. For 2 years the lot looked KILLER, then the 3rd year it was so-so and even the 4th year was oh-kay but now it looks rough and I'm sorry to see that happen but so long their new Lco is willing to cut their acre lot for 40 dollars, more power to him and LOFL. Maybe he can even trick them into paying what an acre lot costs to revive and then they will hate him or maybe not but tricking customers and strong-arming a decision / bending their arm is not something I like to do, it's just not in me (not to mention you can get badly burned).

    And most of the time, it's some bs like that, I can only agree with the guy who said if the other lco wasn't showing up but even that may have to do with someone being too cheap because if I'm not getting paid then I find it hard to show up too, but yes there are exceptions and it's not always like this but you better be careful or you may just learn this stuff that I'm talking about here.

    I don't always turn down work because I think 'oh no it's a bad apple customer,' a lot of times I do it for my protection and theirs as well, I just feel we'd be better off not dealing with each other and in the case of former Lco's turning out bad work, to me that is a red flag but that's just me.

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