Estimate this job (2 tiered wall)

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PAPS, Feb 12, 2002.

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    Thank-you ... I like the sounds of the curbing and will check to see if this is acceptable.

    Can I please pick your brain a bit more ...... a client is asking that we put fabric behind the wall...... his thinking being that it will stop washout through any small gaps ...
    My position is NO .... my reasoning is that the fabric could cause the infill area to become saturated and will increase the hydrostatic pressure ...possibly causing the wall to fail.... any wisdom on this?

    thanks in advance
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    Stick with your gut:)

    No fabric should be used unless your dealing with heavy clay soils, but thats a whole other story!
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    this reminds me of a few jobs where we built walls to make grade for a septic leach field.

    The walls were 4 ft and the engineer had plastic behind the walls........I wonder what kind of complications that brings.

    From my own experiences, a substantial amount of 3/4 clean behind the wall solves the problem of soil washing out through the wall. The only problem arise at the top. For the first year, water runoff at the top of the wall washes some surface dirt into and out of the top few layers of block down the rest of the wall. However, after about a year, this stops as the soil/stone eventually 'plugs' up those top gaps and eliminates the problems.

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    According to the engineers at Versa-Lok:

    If you are building tiered walls, and the distance between the walls is 2X or more than the height of the LOWER wall, you can treat them as independant walls.

    They also recently had a change of heart about fabric behind walls - they used to reccommend always doing it, now their thoughts are in line with yours, Kris: silt gets caught in the fabric, clogging it up, making the chance for higher hydro forces greater.

    Versa-Lok Brute is one mean mutha...

    But this is all according to Versa-Lok.

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