Estimate this sod job


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Middle Tennessee
I have my estimate ready, but I was wanting to know what you guys would charge.

3 guys on the job, myself and 2 others.

The following numbers includes tax.
Bobcat rental + trailer: $220/day
Sod cutter rental: $75/day
Zoysia sod: $166/pallet x 7 pallets + $100 delivery = $1369.48

The property is flat.

We are going to strip 3250 sq ft of fescue mostly from the front yard and lay it behind the customers back yard in a common area. The only prep they want on the common area is to mow it as low as possible then sod.

The customer is having 15 yards of topsoil delivered. We are not buying the topsoil, but we will be doing the grade work and then laying the zoysia.