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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FitzRightMowingService, Dec 30, 2018.

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    If you can keep to your word clients like the heads up-especially the elderly. Ball parking your time frame to a few hours is perfectly OK for mowing or light install work. When a large contract is involved and you have other work be upfront and let clients know you may be stopping by to start incremental parts of the work as your time allows and you may not have the time to notify them.

    Most clients will be on board with this as long as you have told them up front and memorialized it in your contract. Correct contract language can go a long way to mitigate any problems.

    Some clients will be way too picky about times-they are usually the same clients you will be "picky" about when it comes to renew for the next season.
  2. OZcut

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    Estimated time of arrival...why do that to yourselves,you are working outside not going into a house.Talk about added pressure to run a business
  3. OP

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    Some of my clients pay by check or cash so they want a time in order to have payment ready.
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  4. Charles

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    That is just their way of controlling you. I just tell them to have it ready that day. If they have to go somewhere then we have a safe place for them to leave it outside. I tell some before 12 or after 12. I never give the exact time for just mowing regulars
  5. Mark Stark

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    For landscape work we give a day. Sometimes we need to adjust the day.

    We have some clients for landscape work that want to know when we're arriving for a number of reasons like: Letting dogs out/in, Moving their cars, Letting their kids who are home know, etc. In these cases, we just call or text when we're in route. Easy peazy!
  6. TomH&H

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    I'll be there on Friday morning, unless I'm running behind, then Friday afternoon. Unless it's supposed to rain, then Thursday evening, or if it's raining already, Saturday. If not Saturday, definitely Monday, unless it rained 4 days last week... She learned not to ask after the first few weeks. On landscape jobs I give a week, then call or text with a day when the time gets closer.
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    i try to never give a certain time. it's mostly older people that want to know when you are coming. i prefer customers to not be at home when i do the work. they can leave the check somewhere so i can get it myself or mail it or whatever. i just have 1 or 2 that want to know when i'm coming but i just give them a couple of days as my window. i've done it before where i said 10am and i show up at 10am. it's just too much of a pain to do that as your schedule gets full. i'd rather not work for those people. some of them are weird and think they can only pay you if they are at home. they don't seem to understand they can leave the check somewhere and go about their business. i can get it when i show up to do the job. most are fine doing that and understand. i think the ones that don't get it are just control freaks or something so they don't make good customers. it's a red flag in my experience.
  8. jonthepain

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    We have 3 out of 300 that want a time. One to unlock the gate, one to bring in the dog, and one to bring in the cat.

    I give them an hour window. Yardbook is usually pretty accurate as to the scheduled time, so it's easy to be there within the window.

    I typically email them the day before. They seem to appreciate it.
  9. Mdirrigation

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    3 hour window . if I am running late I will call them.
  10. gcbailey

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    I will say that I keep a tight route on our trucks. Our clients know what day of the week we are in what area. We don't do "can you cut on XXX day because we've got a party"..... Or "can you get us later in the week"...

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