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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FitzRightMowingService, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Mitty87

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    Obviously with things like irrigation repairs it's nice to be able to give a two hour or less window. We are usually able to be within half hour by returning to jobs that may take too long. It is a hassle going back to finish a job but sometimes it's easier than rescheduling 5 people and organizing all of them
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    How did you get yardbook to do that? I thought the time had to be manually entered?
  3. TPendagast

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    We actually call that out in our contracts

    IMO the deli system works best for projects
    Everyone gets served in the order in which they left their deposit
    Chronologically next

    “Now serving 75.... you’re 83, you’re not next”
  4. Mitty87

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    I dont understand why people get so impatient about their landscaping. So what, its looked like trash for 5 years, you can wait another 2 weeks. Cant even bother with the people who call on Friday afternoon and need their 10k install priced by Saturday and started by Tuesday morning.
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    Those people are my favorites.
  6. Mitty87

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    Had a guy call the 22nd who needed a most likely 400 man hour and 50k job, needed his budget in before Christmas.

    Then there is always the construction companies who haven't got the job but want us to bid the 100k landscaping portion of the job when they are probably bidding against a dozen other companies, as well as asking for landscaping quotes from a handful of other local companies. Nothing like spending all day getting a price for the 2% chance of landing a job that they will likely want you to finance.
  7. jonthepain

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    Yardbook shows time it takes to get to next stop. So i add all the times up until the stop in question to our start time, then add the times spent per yard.

    Sure it's kind of a pita, but it only takes about a minute to add it up in my head. Prob more like 30 seconds.
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    This is a different business than residential but can be lucrative. Get the bid list and send your price to every contractor on the list. But your materials on credit, front load the draws and you will usually only have to wait on the profit.
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    At this time I only give a day. It seems like every time I give an exact time something stupid happens and I absolutely hate being late, even if it's only 5 minutes. People notice those things. The only thing I give times for is estimates.
  10. sjessen

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    First time customers want assurance the contractor will show up.
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