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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FitzRightMowingService, Dec 30, 2018.

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    I’ve had a few elderly widows want to know a time, mainly because they are lonely and want to be there to have someone to talk to. I tell them the day I’ll be there and if they are insistent, a time frame I hope to be there. I follow up by telling them I can’t guarantee that time because things come up that might delay me. If they go overboard with wanting a time I tell them it might be better if they find someone else.
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    For mowing I don’t promise a day or time. I tell them it’ll be Thursday OR Friday depending on weather / etc. For Landscaping jobs yea you want to give a time frame. If you are going to be on a property for hours / days or weeks - there are plenty of reasons a homeowner may want to know.
    For the guys that get pushy customers why not just charge extra . Like mail : 3-5 day shipping is free but if you want overnight you are going to pay for it.
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    Many clients have been burned before with no-shows. Gives all of us that keep our word a bad rep until we prove otherwise. Human nature seems to be rife with poor intentions.
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    Yep always works out if I give a time we see a sudden downpour or a breakdown :laugh:.

    I have one "call first" and I always keep forgetting to call too much other stuff going on in my head. They made the PITA list so they're out in 2019.
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    Some of my clients pay by check or cash so theywant a time in order to have payment ready.

    Tell them to pick a hiding spot in the backyard where you can get it.
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    I meant to multi quote sorry...
    I’ve had a few elderly widows want to know a time, mainly because they are lonely and want to be there to have someone to talk

    Yeah we had this too... Unfortunately they would want to talk for a longer period of time than it took to cut their lawn. I hated it but had to tell many that I'll have to double the price, happy to talk but you see those three guys in the truck well they are getting paid out of my pocket every minute I am here talking to you. Best would be leave a check or go auto pay. Still have had to drop a number of customers over the years because of this. Once or twice a year they want to chat no problem I will eat that. Every week we'll I can't afford to run a business like that.
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    I have one that likes to know so she can open gate and have dog put away. I call in morning and give a time. usually I'm there within a half hour of my guess. If you know your yards shouldn't be that hard. Customers appreciate knowing when somebody will be on their property

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