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    Software isn't something I would say you need to invest in right away but in the long run it can be a huge time saver.

    We use Dynascape Design and Quote which work great together once you get the system organized. Basically once you have your numbers in (as determined by the methods others have mentioned) we have it set to run everything by the square footage. This is great because you can organize kits for pavers and say 100 sq.ft. and it calculates everything in one easy step.

    Bedding sand
    Skid returns

    Also can show your Costs/Product Mark up/Potential Profit/Labour Cost vs Billing Rate, great system to keep in mind for the future.

    Of course you can do the same thing with excel if your experienced in it but you can also export measurement right from your design so if the design changes a little you can update your quote with the click of a button.
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    Is the software just called "Quote"? Trying to find it.
  3. SMK

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    oh Dynascape Quote, disregard last post
  4. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    I think its also has a maintenance section, which is great for both lawn and snow. Basically forks the same but you can add "Per Time" visits to it.
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    that is wayyy too expensive for me right now lol damm
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    DynaSCAPE. Be prepared to take some time to learn it, there's quite a learning curve.
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    Depends on how good with a computer you are. When I took this course in 1999 I barely understood computers let alone Dynascape. It took me 3 months of self studying and the 3 day course to learn the basics and to be able to put forth a render drawing to a client. Todays youth could cut that time in half I'm sure.
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    I know this thread has taking a bit of a turn from the estimates and quotes beginning, but I just have one last question more about the original topic. I have been reading many posts about estimates/quotes/proposals, and I now understand that figuring out all the tiny costs are more of a private matter and the proposal is a less specific outline of cost for the customer.

    But what exactly is in the proposal, I realize that the proposal is more detailed than the invoice which has very limited detail because all of the detail is in the proposal bla bla bla, but then in other places people say that the proposal doesn't actually have that much detail, like not even labour? I am just a bit confused on this. Working with excel, easy, accounting stuff, easy, just the company image to the customer and how much info to provide them with the proposal is what I am seeking at the moment...
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    A proposal is a detailed written story telling what you're gonna do, what you're gonnaa sell
    Them and for how much.

    Once all parties accept and date the proposal it becomes a contractual agreement.

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    DVS you seem extremely experienced in these areas, do you think you could email me an example of one of your proposals, or do you not do that...?

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