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    My proposals are fairly detailed in the wording but I will just give the total price at the bottom, unless there are phases or areas the client specifically asked to price seperate.

    I have seen contracts that say:

    100 sq.ft. Pavers
    300 Asphalt
    10sq.ft. Sod repair
    Contract Total $1 Million Dollars

    On the other Hand I am quite detailed in what I include because we don't do the bare minimum (Price Reflects that) and we want the client to know that.

    I will list everything:

    100 sq.ft. of Unilock Copthorn Pavers in Running Bond Pattern, Color: TBD
    - Granular 'A' Base, min 12" deep
    - 1" Bedding Sand under pavers for support
    - Snap Edge Restraint system along edges of interlock meeting grass or plant beds
    - ect....

    Sod repair to be completed in all disturbed areas with screened topsoil and premium fresh Sod watered once after install

    Sub Total $xxxx.xx
    Tax $xxx.xx
    Total Contract $ xxx.xx

    Its all about selling yourself/company. Sure maybe the other company is going to do all the same stuff listed but if its not in the contract then whats to keep them to their word.

    Hopefully this helps.
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    that does help a lot, it cleared up what I was stuck on. So basically you guys say what your going to do, with what materials, and a final price; but do not break it down into the price per item and labour and all the detailed costs, just final price of everything...
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    Like gettin blood outta stone dude. :canadaflag:
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    I think I got it now anyway, I should be on my way in a few months.
  5. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    Depending on the situation I will include price to upgrade to fancier pavers, or in deck situations upgrade to cedar over pressure treated.

    I don't give a break down of Labour/Materials on my quotes, Some do. Sometimes I will give an approx time for project length. Say 2weeks. But never specific on exact hours.
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    For a couple weeks I've been planning on doing a topic here about proposal content. There is so much more to writing a proposal/contract than saying you're going to build a fancy little planter using 40 square feet of American Cobble Wall Block.

    Over the recent weekend I recently wrote on this forum some thoughts about who to list a proposal/contract to, and I explained why. Well, someone responds with "how do you know this, is it because you have sued people, because people have sued you, yadda yadda yadda....". Fact of the matter is I am a CONTRACTOR. I'm not a landscaper. I'm not a hardscaper. I'm a CONTRACTOR. My livelyhood derives from drafting contracts. Binding agreements that could very well lay in the hands of a judge and greedy attorneys. How could a contractor NOT know this stuff?! One little mistake in a contract with the wrong customer could cost you dearly. I eat sleep and breathe this stuff. I've gone as far as disecting and reviewing equipment finance agreements looking for anything that I could use in my proposals. We recently went on vacation and put the dog in a local kennel, when we dropped the dog off I had to sign a contract with the kennel. I stood there and read it before I signed it. It was the most pathetic contractual agreement I've ever seen. The kennel owner is so nice, I'd hate to see someone take advantage of her because her contract is lacking.

    But you know - no two jobs are ever the same. There will always be something you forgot to adddress. A proposal / contract is not what defines a contractor. No matter how tight that contract is, no matter how well worded it is - what matters most is that the contractor does what is promised, does it well, and does it timely.

    Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll find some time to share my thoughts in greater detail.

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    Thanks DVS, I hope your find some time for that!

    (and if you decide on letting me take a peek at an actually proposal of yours that would be great too, but I respect your decision if you don't want to!)
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    yeah h311will freeze over first before you see that contract from DVS and the are on your own

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