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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Mar 8, 2004.

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    well, i hate to brag, but i signed yet another client a few min ago. my competitors were $19 a cut, bagging and hauling it away too. ;) . i came in at $30 , side discharging. she signed us because, "we are very proffessional, and sound like we know what we're talking about"(if they only knew the truth). anyhow....get this, and this is what alot of customers are telling me this year: when they call another company for a quote, the other company just asks thier address, but doesn't come to look at the property! they just figure what the average size of the properties are in the area, and send a contract out, without even looking! this seems to be a very big turnoff to the customers i spoke with. do any of you guys do it like that? i guess thier motive is low price,gobble up the whole nieghborhood, mass production. not for me . you?
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    Every call I get for an estimate I go out and look at the property to look for things you have to work around like swing sets gates and anything else to slow you down.If you give an estimate over the phone for say $30 and you get there and they have a gate and you need a 21inch mower then it takes you twice as long for the same job for half the pay.
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    Sounds like a good way to get burned. I could do this and may get it right part of the time. Then it happens: A customer calls with the usual 1 acre lot. You quote without seeing it and you give them the average price. Problem begins when you get there to cut it for the first time. They have a 2000 sq ft front yard and a 42,000 sq ft back yard with a 27" gate..... hmmmmmm

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    Hey guys, sounds similar to what happen to me.. i put out flier in my own subdivison saturday night, i wake up sunday go to church, then come back to find another guy put out his fliers, I quoted $30 - $45 for the average lawn size, 1 acre or more extra.. this guy comes behind me with fliers saying he will do it for $70 monthly, I am like that is less then $20 a week? he also has the nerve to call himself a landscape management company, i am figuring he must live in my subdivision saw one of my fliers then printed his up real quick and deliver them right after mine's..I am not going to let that stop me though, that was just an initial batch, I plan on direct mailing 5,000 full color postcards.
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    I always have to take a look at the lawn before I can give a estimate. There are to many variables for me to give an estimate over the phone. As others have said gates, trimming, hills, traffic, just to many to list. I have properties the same size where the price may vary as mush as $30 or $40 depending on the diffucility.

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    i just bid 2 jobs for other contractors for fert and they both said the property's were around 4 acres 1 came in at 8 the other 9 if i would have went with there numbers i would have lost my shirt and this only proves go and look or dont bother
  7. kppurn

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    I totally agree. Too many variables that need to be accounted for.
  8. craigs lawncare

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    NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!! :rolleyes:

  9. rodfather

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    As for estimates, I always go personally. I may even go back with one of my guys a second time if I'm unsure the first time I am there
  10. NNJLandman

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    Sometimes I can give an lawn estimate over the phone because i know the area very very well. Most of the time i have enough time to go out and check it out, but i really usually don't need to. If i already have a customer in that area i can go by that especially if its a development, where all the properties are equal in size. So i can give estimates over the phone from time to time but when in doubt check it out.

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