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    How long do you wait to do an estimate? Do you let a couple come in and then go do several or as soon as they come in are you out doing it?
  2. SprinklerGuy

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    I do them as quickly as I can......unless I'm swamped.....early bird gets the worm in a lot of cases.....
  3. WalkGood

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    Sometimes it's the "Only Bird" that gets the worms. Many times I hear potential customers lament that no one else returned their calls or they failed to show up for an appt.

    So yes, be the early bird and also have a resonably soon start date and you will win the job.

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    Shoot walkgood if you are good at getting your estimates in fast you should charge above average. The only way you get a pokey estimate job is by being the low bidder and making unreasonable promises.
  5. WalkGood

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    Sometimes it is also a double edged sword. Being first can also mean you are the benchmark for "tire-kickers" who are shopping around. Nothing wrong with customers getting a few estimates for a large ticket item. But then someone else comes in lower at times. We'll get installs because of word of mouth good rep as well as being quick to respond. Sometimes we lose to lower prices.

    It's better being first at service calls. Tell them it's T&M at $XX/hour, we'll be there (tomorrow/2days/Sat) - and then show up on time. Call if delayed. Goes a long way with having satisfied customers.

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    Tire kickers are a PAIN. I try to separate them from the rest and AVOID.

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