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  1. Gary w. s.

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    That's why I had to move you can't make a living working for beer $ at he end of the day.
  2. grassguy123

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    Im a landscaper in NJ looking to start sealcoating my customers driveways.

    The only info that I have on asphalt pricing is from "Asphalt Kingdom" They recomend that I charge my customers no more than 20cent/sqft. They will sell me a 110gal spray machine for $2400 and the asphalt runs 6.5 cents/sqft to buy it from them.

    I read posts on this forum saying small driveways=.15/ft and big lots as low as .06/ft

    Obvisously Im not going to buy the materials for 6.5cents and sell for 6cents.

    -Where should i buy the asphalt and what does it cost per Sqft?

    -What should i charge /sqft for small driveways?

    -What should i charge /sqft for large driveways?

    -What should i charge /sqft for parkinglots?

    I know every job is diferent im just looking for ballpark figures
  3. luca71

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    are you from the jackson area?
  4. grassguy123

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    about 30 min north
  5. luca71

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    i thought i may have sealcoated your driveway ,i had done one for a landscaper in jackson and he was picking my brain on how to get into sealcoating, i can tell you from experience that the spray is not the way to go up there ,one of the first questions i get when i get a call for an estimate is if i spray or brush .The "travelers" really gave spray a bad rep in that area
    bad mixes and so forth but if you want to use ae you can see sal at sealmaster pre mix in toms river he,s about 5 miles south of rt 70 and if you want to spray he has tanks that he makes alot cheaper than sealmaster online.
  6. donmac1970

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    your right I Think it has to do with where you live. and cost of living. i am in michigan also. i pay about the same for sealer and clear around 75k a year after expences. but a house here in michigan that costs 100,000 would cost you 200,000 in the north east u.s. we all have different overhead and cost of living. Apples and Oranges even though we are in the same business....

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