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    Hey people how are we all doing tonight? Been lurking around for a while and finally have a question I want to ask everyone. I've started my own landscaping company this year and it's been a steep learning curve for sure haha. In any case I have a couple jobs I'm putting together quotes on and I want to make sure I'm at least ballpark sane on these. I obviously don't want to be way underbidding and screw myself, but also don't want to be way higher than is reasonable and lose contacts/customers that way. Some money is better than no money at the end of the day right?

    First job is bringing in top soil (figure about 10yards) and seeding it. This is for wash out at the top of someone's lawn by the road. A guy I've done work for told me he generally does 10% mark up on materials unless it's something like plants that he marks up for 100% of what he bought it for. So far I have something like this:

    Top Soil: 10yrds @ 35 = 350 350*.1= 3.5 35+3.5= 38.5 38.5 is what I charge the customers each yard. Also a $35 delivery charge per delivery of material.
    (save you the math here, same formula) about 49.99

    Total materials came out to $450.

    Need to rent a compactor which will be $150 and will have someone help me for $100. $250 for other expenses, not including gas, insurance, etc.

    Planning on saying $450 for materials and $700 for the job to be done. Gives me about $450, conservatively $400 out of the job. Hope to have it done in one day, day and a half tops.

    What do ya thinks???

    Thanks guys,
    Maple Mountain Landscaping
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    if i worked a day and a half solo, 12 man hours, i would make 600-900, but since you have a guy helping you, it should be way more, 24 man hours sounds like a lot for that job.
  3. Barnabas

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    if its a wash out you need to fix what caused the problem first before just throwing down dirt

    24 man hours is really high unless your transporting it a long way by hand.
  4. Ditta&Sons

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    10 yards, delivered and installed, $1000 plus rental of any equipment
  5. VermontMML

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    I think it should only take 16 man hours. I try to be conservative on my figures. $1000 including materials or just for you to do it?
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  6. VermontMML

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    I know that's why I told him he should do something like plant some shrubs/bushes at least to help hold the soil.
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  7. crichardson

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    To hold the washout? It can still wash out.....find out what's washing it out a broken gutter or runoff pipe? We'll if water is rushing over it find a way for the water to go under or around it somehow.
  8. 32vld

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    I agree. Water problem must be fixed first. A wise man said: great minds think alike.
  9. VermontMML

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    Totally on board with that guys. This guy ended up going with some dude who was doing it for $800 including materials and using more than ten yards. Gotta love low ballers. He can have it at that profit margin.
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    An told the guy multiple times he should do something about the actual issue or it'll happen again. Had a reason for every fix not wanting to do it. In my oppinion if you aren't going to do it right don't do it at all.
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