Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
HOMER wrote:<p>{What makes you feel bad is when you ponder your price, change it 5 times, then the customer says, &quot;Well now, thats not as high as I expected&quot;.}<p>I used to do this. I would come up with a price to cut a lawn and then slowly bargain myself down 5 to 10 dollars at a time until I had a price I knew they couldn't refuse. And it worked! I know that Mr. Phagan discourages asking competitors what they might charge for a job but I did and found out that I was underbidding on most of my bids. I have since started asking for the first bid I come up with and I find myself getting just under 50% of the jobs I bid on. Oh, and all of those jobs that I underbid, I have since either raised them 5 dollars a cut or informed them that they will be going up next year 5 dollars a cut. I retained 100% of my customers from last year (not a lie) and every one of the customers who I have informed were having their prices go up next year have said they didn't have a problem with an increase.<br>

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