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Estimating a landscaping job.


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Knoxville, TN
Ok guys and gals......

I got a call today from a neighbor asking me to mow her lot beside her store, and i said Ok, and i got the mowing job from her, and when i was talking to her about the mowing, she asked me about landscaping.

I have never done a real landscaping job before, and i was just wonderin what you guys think about pricing this.... (im 16)

The bed is about 8 foot long, and about 5 foot wide, she wants all bushes and everything jerked out, and then have pond pebbles thrown in leaving a semi-circle for flowers at the front of the bed facing the road....and then up at the front of the building, she wants about 20 foot of trimmin on about 4 foot bushes, on the end of the building there are about 6 foot bushes that she wants trimmed.


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zone 7 CA
Soooo how much plant material are you removing? You know you will need to fill in the holes left after "jerking" out the stuff right? How much are you paying for those pebbles and how much will you need? Does she want the whole 8'x5' area covered completely in them, a few inches thick?
How overgrown are those "bushes" do you know what kind they are? How much "trimmin" will be involved and what tool are you going to use to accomplish it?