Estimating cost for linear trimming/edging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Aug 16, 2000.

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    How do you guys estimate costs for linear trimming/edging? I'm guessing it's similar to area, meaning we average a mile @ 5,280 ft and divide it into the length we're cutting. Correct?
    If this is the case, do we average how far we (the operator) can edge in a certain timeframe?
    I have a job of 1,915 linear feet (Think curb guttering here) + basic lawn maintenance.
    I figure the estimate I give will have to be based on experience, correct? Or is there a tried-true method you guys use? I don't want to guesstimate and eat it.
    Thanks ahead of time for the responses.
  2. Anywhere between 750 and 1000 lin feet per hour for powered edging of side walks.

    About 1500-2000 lin feet per hour for using a string trimmer
    up against a building etc.
  3. bondlawn

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    If the edging is half-way established I can edge 50 feet per minute. If you are cutting an edge for the first time you may well have to quadruple it. In the past two years this seems to have worked well.
  4. Guido

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    Heres what ole' Phil Nillson has to say on this one :

    Edging with a mechanical edger, through heavy build up, plus cleaning up the site = 20 minutes per 100 lin. feet

    re-edging a maintained edge with an edger and blowing debris = 3 minutes per 100 lin. feet

    Hope this helps!!

  5. yardsmith

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    We got the handle on about how much edging can be done in so much of a time frame, but HOW MUCH DO YOU GUYS (AVG) CHARGE FOR EDGING-BY THE LIN. FOOT, ETC. I have gotten enuf biz this yr. to justify buying an edger next yr., & don't want to do it for less than the going rate. One guy told me he charges 80 cents per lineal ft. I'm figuring that was for 1st time. Normally I've been fig. by man hrs. it would take, but I fig. I could be making better $$, & more accurate bids by charging by the foot.
  6. jrblawncare

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    I think the key to this edging thing is knowing how much clean-up is needed when your done...what is "Heavy Build-up"I found out this spring on a job that I used my 3 wheeled Mechanical edger...Cut the edge in no time..Clean-up was another story,I learned on that job.I agree with the times above..just remember to think how much clean-up is needed. SMITTY-When walk edging I'm just trying to get my hourly rate.I did however get a Brown Bed edger this spring,When cutting new beds I'm getting about .80 per. ft.and this is working out well for me.

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