estimating linear ft moss rocks

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  1. I am having a hard time figuring out how to charge a customer who needs 70 linear feet of moss rocks around garden bed but they are sold by the ton, varying sizes don't help either. For armor stones i charge 90.00 per linear ft don't ask how i got that number but it has worked for years. I am thinking to charge 65/linear ft but i am worried it might be over or under where it should be, I do not want to charge so much to scare them away but 70 ft of stone is going to be costly. does anyone have any other methods other than laying them all out and weighing them which is time consuming and if you don't get the job you have now wasted the stoneyards time as well.
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    Try taking the cubic feet per ton, and estimating material based on height & depth and 90'. Is it sitting on gravel, half buried into the ground, etc...?
  3. yes it would be buried at least 4 inches with 6 inch base. sounds like a good way i will have put all the numbers together and break it down per cubic ft and include installation hope fully it works out. Thanks
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    Estimate 10-15% more material also because some of the stone may be funky and not consistent with what you have in mind.
  5. thanks that makes sense

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