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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by aflawncare, Dec 10, 2013.

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    I personally think measuring square footage for mowing is excessive, but if you're getting into fertilizer as well (license, insurance, any other certification needed!!!) you're best off getting a distance measuring wheel. There are multiple names for them, but google it and you'll find it.
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    I like to measure my properties online so I at least have an idea of the square footage. I like to walk the property and get a good feel of the things I will be mowing and edging around and how much time it will take. After about 50 quotes you get a good idea how long things take. I personally give the quote, and stick to it for that mowing season. If I am low I will raise it at the beginning of the next season. If I am high I may lower it accordingly as well.

    Some people literally get out there with a distance measuring wheel and figure out exactly how big the property is, how much edging there will be, how much weed eating, blowing etc. They know exactly how long it takes to do everything. They put it into a formula and they can be pretty accurate. I personally don't get that technical.

    I also stick to the 60/hour rule. I like to get at least 60/hour while on the property. That means I only win about 30% of the bids I do, but I am fine with it. I already work 60 hour weeks.
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    I checked out your website and I really like how it is setup!
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    Man I tell you... all these methods have legitimacy.. but... I have been doing this long enough that I dont have to measure out the footage... I can look over a property and be pretty darn close on what time my crew should spend on that property. If anything... I tend to be a little over on my est time. I have a base rate of $50... period. And honestly if it wasnt so cut throat here.. I would need to be a little higher. I too dont win all my bids.. but I didnt get into this to be a charity. Learn your equipment, your skills, and your cost. The rest will fall in place. And As far as hedges... I price $100 hr... and I get it. Shrubs are no fun... and kill your back.. which is why most customers want you to do it... so get what they are worth... I hardly ever have a shrub job that isnt at least $150 -$200. Most go way more. There is good money there... if you know how to charge... dont go for the "count the shrub" method... If you do you better be saying around $15 per shrub.. and I still wouldnt do it that way. You need to know your capabilities ... not all shrubs trim the same...

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