Estimating Over seeding after aeration

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by pick6333, May 9, 2013.

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    I own a small lawn aeration business in the Chicagoland area and many of my clients have inquired about overseeding due to the drought conditions we' e had the past few years.Most lawns are either Kentucky blue or royal Yukon blue grasses & are about 5-10m sq ft in the questions...How many lbs of seed per 1,000 sq ft should be applied when over seeding?. I have a local supplier that i can purchase in bulk however Above the actual cost of the seed what would a fair price per 1,000 sq ft be for my application?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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  2. 32vld

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    Established lawn KBG 3 lbs per 1,000 sf.

    New lawn 5 lbs per 1,000 sf.
  3. precision8m

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    The bags of seed should state the lbs per k for the new lawns and for overseeding. Usually 8-10 lbs per k for new lawns and 3-5 for overseeding. I am using tall fescue though. I have my own core aerator, but I charge $50-80 for that, $70-100 for seed, and an additional $40-60 for fertilizer/lime. Average yard I charge about $250.
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    Rent a slit seeder and set the dial for the amount of seed the lawn needs... aeration is a meaningless and messy activity and should only be done as necessary... seeding is not a purpose for aeration...

    In fact most overseeded lawns will not even require a BLANKET APP of seed and could be done in a simple cost effective method that benefits the client and provides a larger Profit Margin for the LCO who knows what he's doing...

    In another thread people were complaining about how inflation is eating away their profit margins and I have got to say, that this additional expense to the client for aerating as a seedbed is one of the largest rip-offs that not only waste their money but cost us in the time/profit ratio... just sayin'... :)
  5. tocecil1

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    Disagree, aeration is highly beneficial for a lawn. I have also had very good luck with core aeration followed by overseeding.
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  6. Smallaxe

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    Aeration IS beneficial for many lawns,,, however it is the silliest SEEDBED out there...

    Show me the germinated results of the overseeding to Prove Me Wrong... :)
  7. weeble67

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    I don't know what equipment you use to aerate. But on my ride on aerator I fabricated a bracket to hold an 12 volt powered spreader. I run back across a lawn after aerating it spreading seed. Works great for me.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I charge $40/K for slice overseeding, $10 more per K if I aerate before or if I have to mow the lawn short if it is too tall. Min $100 for a job. Most 1/4 ac. resis in the $275 range. I DO NOT guarantee a slice overseed job in an existing lawn. Absolutely no way too tell what you think is a good germination rate vs. what a customer thinks.

    If I seed bare ground I will ensure a good stand of grass tho.
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    Been doing a few over-seeding jobs this Spring. I typically do a double pass with a reciprocating Plugr 850 for the top dress effect....then I crank out or drop spread the seed.

    My Blue Bird S22 has the seed hopper in the back and not in the front where it should be.

    Anyhow then I vetticut in 2 directions then I get crazy and break up the plugs further with my Toro TimeMaster 30 with mulch plug in....for another pass or 2.



    My yBravo 25 with a OregonĀ® 24.5" G6 Gator blade and mulch plug installed shows extreme promise for this duty. :rolleyes:


    ...this may be the absolute best method thus far on the planet to break up those ghastly annoying shear volume of plugs left by reciprocating aerators....

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  10. Smallaxe

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    I don't like those plugs or the holes and only do that when absolutely necessary... If I can loosen and pulverize the top inch of soil UNIFORMLY and settle the seed in that layer and really SOAK it down,,, I'm thinking best seedbed ever...

    But having a machine that does that in an existing lawn is near impossible, but at least the slit-seeder has a more uniform style for the tiny seeds of grass... and I agree,,, slit seeders seemed to have been engineered by morons... :)

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