Estimating Over seeding after aeration

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by pick6333, May 9, 2013.

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    So you charge $40-$50 depending upon aerating per 1K right? If a quarter acre is around 10K then why are you charging $275 when your previously stated rate is $40-$50 per thousand?

    Do you include a starter fertilizer with the overseeding?
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    I use a similar method as exact. Works very well for me.
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    smallaxe is hitting the nail on the head - broadcasting seed after aeration is a waste of time and money. if you were to aerate, collect the cores, and topdress with screened compost, then you would have a great seedbed. the same would be true if you aerated, vertical mowed (to break up the cores), and then seeded, mulched (with encap), and applied a starter fertilizer. we're having great success with the 11-23-10 from russo.
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    Verticutting AFTER aeration will certainly workup the surface well for overseeding,,, but still doesn't require the aeration for any purpose, other than putting cores on top of the lawn for additional material... we should look at it as killing living grass plugs for use as seed cover...

    Some of the dry sloping areas of the forest lawns in deeper shade do still have the plugs of grass(like doll hair) dotting the groundfrom years past... from that observation I would concede that in extreme areas like these barren slopes that plugging may produce clumps of grass where nonewould otherwise grow...
    but,,, the rest of the forest lawns have filled in uniformly where the seed was broadcast over the ground,,, just before the first permanent snow storm last Dec... so WHY plug???(for seed???) :)
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    How is it a waste of time and money?

    Problem is, the goal is to get the seed to root into the soil, not the compost. Compost makes a good seed covering, if applied at the required sowing depth for the seed used, in which case you want to be applying it after you broadcast. This also means no nail heads have been hit, no time or money wasted.

    Further, IMO it is inappropriate to talk of "seedbeds" and over seeding an existing lawn. Harley rakes create seedbeds .... would you use a Harley rake to prepare an existing lawn for over seeding ...... hell no

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