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    How do you estimate smaller jobs? ($3-8k)

    I've been mulling over my process because I'm having a hard time getting estimates back to people in a timely manner.

    My Process:
    1-Customer calls and books estimate time
    2-I do site visit for landscaping estimates (3 days of the week as organized as possible in 45 minute time slots) (excluding lawn maint quotes which are done via satellite)
    3-I meaure and record the job proportions
    4-Once I'm back at my office I do a small scaled drawing and price out the work which usually takes me 1-2 hours per estimate. Anything over 2 hours I bill for.
    5-I email or mail a copy of the drawing and price to the customer and then wait for feedback.

    So what I'm asking is-
    1- Do you think I should be spending so much time on a basic estimate?
    2- Would a verbal ballpark price cut it?
    3- Does anyone use triplicate onsite to give an immediate price and unscaled drawing?

    Ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

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