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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cuttingedge101, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. cuttingedge101

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    OK... I have this guy that i mow every Saturday, for $35. well he wanted me to fertilize and spread mulch, so i called some company's and got some prices and i found a place right up the road that wanted $23 a yard. The guy need like 1 1/2 to 2 yards so i marked that up 100% so that was $80 and the fertilizer was $20 a bag. So i added all of that up plus labor 80+20+35+45=$180 and he turned me down saying that was to much this is my question was my bid to high, to low, or just right. And another question how much do yall mark up stuff that you buy like mulch or fertilizer, etc.

    Please help!!!

    Josh, AKA. Outlaw
  2. Joe2920

    Joe2920 LawnSite Member
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    The Mulch usually cost me about $25-30 I generally charge $50.00 yard. Unless more than 3 Yards.. that is with delivery etc..Then I use an hourly charge when putting it down.. fert also cost me about $20 a bag I usually charge $35 for a lawn that uses half of the bag... So I make about $50 a bag.
  3. sheshovel

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    Mark-up 100% that's too much in my book. I mark my materials up 25%. But that's just me. I also get my discount on materials from my suppliers so if I mark-up 25% plus get a discount off my materials of 25% I am really getting 50% on my materials.
  4. cuttingedge101

    cuttingedge101 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks that helps for the most part still would like to get some more answers, and thanks agian...

    Josh, AKA. Outlaw:weightlifter:
  5. covalawn

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    I would say thats about what my price would be....I do not lay fert though. I charge $45 per yd delivered and spread(I pay around $20) on mulch. I've seen some guys charge as much as $80 per yd on some of these threads!!
  6. Tn Lawn Man

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    I buy mulch for $20 a yard.

    I deliver it, install it, clean up the mess and charge $80. I get this much because I do excellent work. Too many people just shovel the mulch on in piles and leave it that way.

    Fertilzer costs me $25 a bag. That is top quality fert that will make a difference when put out. I purchase it, deliver it and spread it for $60.
  7. Mr. Vern

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    Something to consider: If you get every job you bid; you are too cheap. I track the percentage of bids I get and if it is too high, I increase my markup. THis is how I test the market to be sure that I am always near the top of the market in price.
    Remember - your personality and reputation will get you more of the good jobs than low prices will. If you keep your prices high, you can afford to keep your quality high; which in turn allows you to keep your prices high. It's a wonderful thing!
  8. covalawn

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    Is there somthing that you do better than wheelbarrowing the mulch over and raking it flat????? I am sure that I could charge more but then I would feel like i'm over charging. I can lay 4 yds in about and hour and a half. Thats about $60 an hour. Not bad money. If you add an hour for driving thats still $40 an hour. Much more than most make.
  9. lanhamlawnservice

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    I have found that some potential customers want something for nothing,maybe use a spin on that,make the customer think he/she is getting a bargain by you giving a little in return for future business such as the lawn care,in which you can make up the loss if any,and have a stable customer/cashflow for the season.
  10. cuttingedge101

    cuttingedge101 LawnSite Member
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    Well thanks for the tips guys they will really help. well when spring comes that is, my bissness is all ready slowing down almost comeing to a complete hult... but thanks agian talk to yall later...


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