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    I have the opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop in Hotlanta on Jan. 22 & Jan. 23. It's being put on by Belgard University. The sponsor is Bosse Cocrete Products and the topics to be discussed are as follows:

    Develop a profit and loss statement for your upcoming year

    Create labor, equipment, material and sub-contractors cost

    Budget your overhead to show your yearly net profit

    Set average crew wages, labor burden and hourly equipment rates

    Meet in a private setting with a consultant to analyze the information.

    Incorporate the info into the Vanderkooi estimating system
    Produce an actual bid with bid opening.

    Is anybody out there going to this?
    It's free of charge, or at least I assume it is, has naybody benefited from a seminar such as this.

    Give me some input, need to fax this back to them.
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    I have not attended seminars on the topic but I do ask these same questions from the other contractors I have befriended in the business.

    We do Concrete work and even if they are talking only about 'crete, you should be able to convert the information to lawn care. I would think the principles would be almost identical.

    Just my .02
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    Mayby A-1 Nilsson with be there giving some advice.
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    Thanks for the tip.
    I'm interested.
    Do you have a phne # or an e-mail address (pref) of who I can get some info from?
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